Black Traveler Wood Handle Sword Cane
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  • 22 1/4" stainless steel sword blade
  • Ergonomic wooden cane head
  • Can be used as a bludgeoning weapon
  • Rubber cane foot for grip
  • 36" overall length

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You might look a target when you need a cane for a walking aid, but not anymore! Unsheath this sword that is hidden within the cane, and you'll send attackers running for mama!

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 3.04 out of 5
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Love at first swing.... Reviewed by on Apr 18, 2017   5 out of 5

When I received these items as a bogo, the Pommel came out of both canes, glued them back together. At first test swing against an aloe plant leaf, the ball bearings that hold the blade into the scabbard popped out and the whole blade shot out of its handle onto the ground. Definitely something I feel strongly about defending myself with. I replaced the blade back into the handle and drilled a hole and screwed it in, it wont come out now. However I cant find the ball bearings anywhere. Oh well, for 10 bucks its a do it yourself item, but I still like it.

ITS DIY Reviewed by on Jun 03, 2016   5 out of 5

I cannot see how the people who make this would allow it to leave their factory like this. The wooden ball that you hold onto does not fit into the cane. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Out of the box this is usable as a cane. Perhaps "sword stick that if you have some glue, wood filler, and some time you can make into a cane" would be a better name.

Good but... Reviewed by on May 12, 2016   4 out of 5

In upon receiving the cane, it came to my notice that the two buttons that are supposed to be squeezed in order to release the blade, do not need to be squeezed. On the instructions of the cane it says to twist the handle and pull the sword from the cane shaft. The blade rattles in the shaft but if use the cane just right, when walking with it the sword does not rattle. The blade is not sharp but can be fixed if desired. The handle and the shaft are very strong and it made me think that if this was an ordinary cane, it could be used as a club. And will do some damage if used as a club. When I swing the sword, the blade barely starts to come out of the handle (by about only 1/16 of an inch) and I have to push the blade back into the hilt. Every time I put the blade back into the shaft, the blade scratches the inside of the shaft and the next time I pull it out there is a little bit of black stuff on the blade. But overall the cane is strong and durable, love the cane and is a great piece for display or for self-defense. Even though the buttons do not need to be squeezed, they do keep the blade in the shaft and will keep the blade from falling out.

not great but good Reviewed by larry tate on Mar 23, 2016   5 out of 5

i've had this sword cane for some time now(17 months) and thought i'd give my review on it. first, the wooden knob came off right out of the box...not a major problem there, a small strip of nylon strap and a few light taps put that right quickly. second, it came semi sharp..only cut if you used a lot of force...again not a major problem, matter of fact i'd rather it came dull for safety reasons. third, it took a bit of use to get things to work as advertised..meaning it was a bit hard to get apart and back together...that wasn't to much of a problem either...a little twisting as you draw the sword helped that problem out very well. fourth, the point may need a bit of work with a file if your look for a piercing defense type weapon, if you know how to use tools correctly then that isn't going to be a problem either. fifth, the blade does rattle a bit when you walk with it...a piece of an old water hose(about 20 inches) worked wonders for that problem just had to work it in slowly and get it far enough in to not hinder the sword being put back in! all in all, a very nice little cane sword...after all, it is an SS blade and a little thin so it will flex a bit...holds a fair edge but again it is SS and that does not hold an edge for long...length of the cane was just right for me. simple clean look, not a one of a kind thing but really first use for this was taking it to a wedding as part of my steampunk outfit...big hit there! as long as you know what your getting you should have no problems with this's a cane first and foremost...this is NOT a "hack and slash" sword! if that's what you expect from this then you need something else...period! i'm 65 years old and know what i need and am looking for...for the price you can't beat this sword cane...just understand what your working with and go from there. i'd recommend this for anyone.

Serious Cane. Reviewed by on Mar 20, 2016   4 out of 5

Solid construction with a longer blade when compared with others I have purchased. The cane portion itself is metal making it an effective bludgeon.

Very well made! Reviewed by Kevin Wells on Mar 05, 2016   5 out of 5

I have been making Damascus blades, swords, and specialty items for 34 years. Other than the blade being dull(which is common by many knifesmiths) it's a great cane sword for the money. Highly recommend to customers that don't expect a $1000 blade for $30 dollars. Common sense people can make any touch up needed

Reviewed by on Nov 04, 2015   5 out of 5

I don't know what the negative reviews are about. Yes, it came dull, but good quality. The price is extremely good for what you get. I have a similar one and paid five times what this one cost. Buy it, if yours needs some fix up, should be way easy. Mine came solid and intact. sharpens up well, good balance. Best Buy!

Overpriced at $20 Reviewed by Gary Bryant on Jun 15, 2015   1 out of 5

Just a really crap product, won't stay locked, can't adjust the button, head(pommel) fell off. Blade rattles in the shaft and is very soft. Bought 2 for an event and priced at $20, could give them away. Also bought the real bamboo cane at $30, it doesn't even pass for fake bamboo! priced at the $30 I paid also couldn't sell it. NO MORE junk! Cost more to send back than worth it. Don't believe ANY AD HYPE!!

Get what you pay for Reviewed by GhostFlower on May 30, 2015   2 out of 5

Blade rattles in cane & is NOT sharp. Very mild steel :(

Shoddy & Misnamed Reviewed by Chad Pope on Apr 10, 2015   1 out of 5

First, the only wooden part is the pommel, which fell off in transit apparently. The pommel fits into the hilt very loosely; I had to manufacture a spacer to ensure the hilt fit snuggly and then epoxy it all back together. Very disappointed in this product.

1 - 10 of 53 Reviews (View All)