Black Traveler Wood Handle Sword Cane
List Price: $29.00

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You might look a target when you need a cane for a walking aid, but not anymore! Unsheath this sword that is hidden within the cane, and you'll send attackers running for mama!

  • 22 1/4" stainless steel sword blade
  • Ergonomic wooden cane head
  • Can be used as a bludgeoning weapon
  • Rubber cane foot for grip
  • 36" overall length

This Item Cannot Ship to the Following States: CA, MA, NY

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 2.83 out of 5
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Reviewed by on Nov 04, 2015   5 out of 5

I don't know what the negative reviews are about. Yes, it came dull, but good quality. The price is extremely good for what you get. I have a similar one and paid five times what this one cost. Buy it, if yours needs some fix up, should be way easy. Mine came solid and intact. sharpens up well, good balance. Best Buy!

Overpriced at $20 Reviewed by Gary Bryant on Jun 15, 2015   1 out of 5

Just a really crap product, won't stay locked, can't adjust the button, head(pommel) fell off. Blade rattles in the shaft and is very soft. Bought 2 for an event and priced at $20, could give them away. Also bought the real bamboo cane at $30, it doesn't even pass for fake bamboo! priced at the $30 I paid also couldn't sell it. NO MORE junk! Cost more to send back than worth it. Don't believe ANY AD HYPE!!

Get what you pay for Reviewed by GhostFlower on May 30, 2015   2 out of 5

Blade rattles in cane & is NOT sharp. Very mild steel :(

Shoddy & Misnamed Reviewed by Chad Pope on Apr 10, 2015   1 out of 5

First, the only wooden part is the pommel, which fell off in transit apparently. The pommel fits into the hilt very loosely; I had to manufacture a spacer to ensure the hilt fit snuggly and then epoxy it all back together. Very disappointed in this product.

it's ok Reviewed by Alan on Jan 13, 2015   3 out of 5

My came with push bottom to remove the blade it was worth the price

It is what it is Reviewed by Skye on Dec 24, 2014   2 out of 5

Poor quality, just as stated by others, same problems as the others before. In addition, they've now gone so far as to that is isn't even a push button release, you "twist it" to pull out the blade. It's more then clear to me that this "Black Traveler" AKA "SuperBat" line is simply a way to offload the defective $99-$130 movie prop cane. If you know what you're getting into, you'll love it, enjoy, but please don't think you're getting a low cost alternative to said movie prop replica.

Chinese junk Reviewed by James Glenn on Oct 26, 2014   1 out of 5

Cane is glued together mix of wood aluminum and steel. The blade came bent one inch to the right and with a false edge. The blue is pinned into wood that's glued into the handle.the blade wobbles at this contact this contact point. The shift is metal so the blade rattles if moved. Don't believe the good reviews. The other knives I'd gotten from Bud-K are good deals, but this was a bust.

Sword cane Reviewed by Jim Gerhold on Oct 14, 2014   2 out of 5

My cane came in pieces but I used super glue and it's still working. The sheath is tight so a little sanding was needed, not to mention WD-40 helped. Over all it's OK but nothing to write home about. You get what you pay for.

It's...Okay? Reviewed by Caleb on Oct 04, 2014   2 out of 5

this is an okay sword cane but don't use it for cutting because the blade is dull and the blade gets loose from swinging it around and also the ball part fell off from a day of owning it

it broke Reviewed by Glenn on Sep 24, 2014   1 out of 5

First time I used it the handle came off. There is now way to reattach the handle. Don't waste your money unless you just want something to look at' Have bought about 30 items from BUD K and this is the first that was bad. Also forget about finding a box to mail it back due to it's length.

1 - 10 of 47 Products (View All)