Black Traveler Wood Handle Sword Cane
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 Include Sword Gift Bag

  • 22 1/4" stainless steel sword blade
  • Ergonomic wooden cane head
  • Can be used as a bludgeoning weapon
  • Rubber cane foot for grip
  • 36" overall length

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You might look a target when you need a cane for a walking aid, but not anymore! Unsheath this sword that is hidden within the cane, and you'll send attackers running for mama!

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 3.28 out of 5
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You get what you pay for Reviewed by Eric Osterhout on Aug 17, 2018   3 out of 5

For $20 bucks it is a fairly solid piece of kit, but not nearly perfect. Straight out of the box, the wooden ball on the handle fell off. The blade rattles in the cane, and needs to be sharpened, but it does have a decent "heft" about it. As others have said, a few modifications and this could be an excellent cane.

Well I like it! but i like most things lol Reviewed by on Jun 29, 2018   4 out of 5

I find myself sitting here at the house holding this cane in my arm like I'm some D&^'n general or something barking orders at the kids lol. On a serious note its a lightweight cane that does the job. Got this one as a gift from a family member. like the twist and release to engage the blade. I do tend to like things more as being a optimist, but if it is a sub par product I don't have issue with speaking rather candid on quality issues... I just try to keep it real like some people expect the world for a $20 item! I mean C'mon sometimes you get a real winner for a bargain price but one always needs to be subjective depending on value vs. price vs. reality that in most cases you really do get what you pay for :)

You Get What You Pay For..... Reviewed by sharon canik on Jun 28, 2018   5 out of 5

...True, but every so often you get something thats value meets or exceeds its price. I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled this item from the package. I mean you can scarcely get out of a fast food restaurant these days for less than a $20. I wanted a long blade 22+ inches because let's face it, if I ever pulled this on someone it would be a defensive last resort, and as such. someone is going home missing a hand. and this weapon is sharp and sturdy enough to hack it. Rattled a bit in the sheath but 2mins and a piece of foam rubber, and it was the real deal. Money well spent. I intend to upgrade and I will gladly shop here again. Well done BUDK, and thanks!

This is nuts! Reviewed by Leonard Gilbert on Apr 20, 2018   5 out of 5

Just received my Black wood traveler and it surpasses my expectations. The wooden ball appears secure and the blade is surprisingly sharp. Additionally, I received my cane in 6 days!!! Worth much more than priced. Thank you Bud K. Y'all knocked it out of the park!!!

Perfect Protection Reviewed by Estella Cano on Nov 04, 2017   5 out of 5

I just got cane today and cannot believe how nice it is. Way better than I expected for the price. Like someone posted before, any problems they had in the past have been fixed. I think I'll buy some for Christmas presents. Too bad we live in such a dangerous world. At least this cane gives you a fighting chance. I love it!

I think they fixed it Reviewed by on Aug 11, 2017   5 out of 5

I read the reviews here, and the three year old ones on BUDK, and I was expecting a DIY cane project. I was pleasantly surprised when I got my cane, the ball was on tightly, the blade was sharp enough that it only took a few passes with a sharpener to get it where I wanted it. The rubber foot so far has stood up to three days of walking. I put some foam rubber in the bottom and the blade doesn't rattle now. I would encourage people to buy this cane now, I think they learned from the bad reviews and made a better product, or better quality control.

Love at first swing.... Reviewed by on Apr 18, 2017   5 out of 5

When I received these items as a bogo, the Pommel came out of both canes, glued them back together. At first test swing against an aloe plant leaf, the ball bearings that hold the blade into the scabbard popped out and the whole blade shot out of its handle onto the ground. Definitely something I feel strongly about defending myself with. I replaced the blade back into the handle and drilled a hole and screwed it in, it wont come out now. However I cant find the ball bearings anywhere. Oh well, for 10 bucks its a do it yourself item, but I still like it.

Decent Reviewed by on Dec 15, 2016   3 out of 5

Couple things to know about this before buying; Shipping: I live in Canada, the item took 2 months to reach me, about one month of that time it was simply "Processing". Seemed a little bit extensive but it did get here. As a cane; Not good. I've had it for about 6 days now, and the round top has already come off. Its attached to the rest of the cane by a small piece of wood with glue on the inside. Just being used as a cane, and being picked up and walked around with holding onto that part it has fallen off. As a functional cane then; would not recommend. As far as the blade goes; The blade is excellent quality, hand made, and feels very sturdy and reliable. It fits well into the rest of the cane, and is well-balanced as well. Overall verdict; Useful for things like cosplay, and maybe one or two excursions, but the pommel falling off so quickly was disappointing. I would send it back but if its going to take about half a year to get back to them and back to me its not really worth it. Overall decent buy though, especially for the price. 3 Stars.

its a good cane Reviewed by chris henderson on Sep 02, 2016   4 out of 5

good cane but the blade inide came dull,the most dull ive ever seen its going to take forever to sharpen

This cane has potential! Reviewed by on Aug 30, 2016   3 out of 5

I got this cane and I must say that I'm not disappointed nor impressed in what I received. With a little work this could be a nice low cost cane. As others have said the knob was coming off, which is a good thing, I found rust inside the handle and also in the shaft. The blade is nicely made, shaped like a katana blade but smaller scale. The cutting edge of the blade just doesn't exist on mine. I have seen sheet metal from metal shops that's as sharp. So if you don't have a sharpener with the tungsten carbide plates you'll want to get one. The shaft of the cane reminds me of a metal table leg the way it is tapered, and the blade rattles badly when inside. I plan on keeping this and giving it the upgrades it needs to be the nice thing it has the potential to be.

1 - 10 of 68 Reviews (View All)