Autographed Kit Rae Amonthul, Sword of Avonthia Sweepstakes

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Here at BudK, we love giving away prizes to our customers! The August Sweepstakes gives you the chance to win "Amonthul, Sword of Avonthia" - a limited edition masterwork of bladed art by one of the world's most celebrated cutlery designers, the legendary Kit Rae. Adding to its mystique and allure, a breathtaking full-color custom art print illustrated and hand-signed by Rae, accompanies this ultra-rare collector's sword. The latest in Rae's critically acclaimed "Swords of the Ancients" collection, Amonthul is the third Sword of Avonthia. According to Rae's own "Swords of the Ancients" mythology, Amonthul was wielded by Sarafel, one of three sons of the Avonthian king in ancient times. Amonthul’s hilt is wrought with an ornately appointed solid metal hand guard, crafted with symbols of the flames of creation, a brown leather-wrapped grip and a deeply engraved solid metal pommel. The cut-and-thrust display-edged blade is engraved with a spectacular relief design that features two arrow heads, one pointing to a king's crown, the other to the stinging blade point - a visual representation of the Avonthian king’s ability and willingness to enforce his rule. Strictly limited to just 2,000 pieces worldwide, each sword is serialized with a unique number that denotes its place in this once-in-a-lifetime production run! Only the first 600 swords ship with the autographed Kit Rae art print, and this includes the one offered in this extraordinary sweepstakes opportunity! Be sure to enter every day for your chance to win!