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Date Published: 2022-07-25

A Hidden Blade Is Your Best Friend

A Hidden Blade Is Your Best Friend

By Adelia Ladson

There are situations and environments that you may find yourself in that requires you to be prepared with a self-defense weapon in case it’s needed. The best way to do that is with a hidden blade that can be concealed discreetly on your person.

Types Of Hidden Blades

There’s a world of hidden blades out there with so many choices to consider. You need to look for a style that fits your self-defense needs specifically. Where do you feel comfortable carrying it on your body that is the most readily accessible to you? Also, you need to think about where you will be when you’re carrying it. Are you going to be jogging on a trail? Walking your dog? Going on a military mission? Let’s break your choices down into two categories: hidden in plain sight or completely concealed.

Hidden In Plain Sight

The blades that are hidden in plain sight usually take the form of an item that looks like an everyday item that you might carry or wear. You can find knife blades hidden in things like belt buckles, ink pens and bracelets.

Trailblazer Hidden Knife Paracord Bracelet

The Trailblazer Hidden Knife Paracord Bracelet is a great little hidden blade that’s paired with a valuable survival tool. The hidden blade can be pulled from the ABS and stainless steel buckle and then mounted back onto the buckle in a way that allows you to use it as the handle for self-defense. The blade is 1 1/4” in length with a penetrating point. The woven, paracord bracelet can be unwound for an emergency situation that requires a strong and versatile cord.

Ridge Runner Hidden Belt Knife

Hidden in plain sight, the Ridge Runner Hidden Knife Belt is sleek and stylish with its blade that is discreetly at your fingertips. The innocent-looking, heavy-duty TPU buckle hides the 3 1/2” non-reflective, partially-serrated blade that can be deployed at a moment’s notice. Both the buckle and the adjustable, canvas belt are black and will fit most adults.

Lighter Caddy Pocket Knife

To me, the Lighter Caddy Pocket Knife is one of the most unique hidden blade forms. It’s actually an assisted opening pocket knife hidden in a lighter case that can be clipped to your pocket or a bag strap. The black blade is 2” of electroplated stainless steel and it can be deployed with the flipper. The blade folds into the matte aluminum lighter case, which also serves as the knife’s handle. The case, which comes in seven different color options, fits Bic brand lighters and the sturdy metal pocket clip lets you carry it easily. The Lighter Caddy Pocket Knife assures that you have the two most important tools on you when you’re out and about - a lighter and a knife.

Serrated Ink Pen Knife

The Serrated Ink Pen Knife makes me think of James Bond. It’s certainly classy looking enough to be carried by the well-dressed spy of film and literary history. The fully-functional pen’s casing is polished, silver aluminum and it has the traditional pocket clip. The slim, stainless steel blade is partially-serrated, and it can be accessed by simply pulling the pen apart. To extend the pen point, just twist the handle.

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Completely Concealed

A completely concealed hidden blade typically is a fixed blade with a sheath that helps to hide it in your clothes. You’ll find sheaths with neck lanyards or shoulder harnesses and the sheath may have lashing holes, as well.

Honshu Karambit With Shoulder Harness

When you need an easily concealed, serious self-defense weapon, the Honshu Karambit from United Cutlery is exactly what you are looking for. The premium stainless steel, curved blade is 4” in length and goes down to a penetrating point. Just like the black, oxide-coated blade, the grippy, over-molded TPU handle is non-reflective black. The karambit knife has an open-ring pommel, making it easy to pull from its sheath. The tough, ABS, adjustable shoulder harness sheath allows you to wear it discreetly under a vest or jacket.

Timber Wolf Boot Knife

One of the most common hidden blades is the boot knife and Timber Wolf’s Boot Knife is one of the best. It has a 5” double-edged, spear point blade, supported by a no-slip, rubberized handle with a guard. The clip-on sheath allows you to clip the knife to your boot underneath your pants leg or on your belt underneath your shirt tail. Just clip the 9” overall boot knife anywhere and you’re prepared for any attacker.

Tactical Warrior Tanto Neck Knife

The Tactical Warrior Tanto Neck Knife makes getting to your hidden blade quick and easy since it’s hanging securely around your neck, lying against your chest. The tanto blade is a full-tang premium stainless steel with tough, skeletonized ABS handle scales to cover the skeletonized tang. The just under 7” fixed blade slides securely into an impact-resistant sheath, which features an integrated emergency whistle and nylon neck cord. The Tactical Warrior Tanto Neck Knife is just the right size to carry around your neck each day so that you are always protected!

Undercover CIA Stinger II

One of the most slimline hidden blades on the market, the Undercover CIA Stinger II is crafted from one, solid piece of premium stainless steel with a black, non-reflective coating. The razor-sharp, slim blade is 3 1/2” in length, going down to a straight-edged penetrating point and the handle has CNC-beveled edges and grooves for a secure grip. The knife also has an open-ring pommel and weight-reducing thru-holes. Another feature that makes this hidden blade a real stand-out is that its snap-on, injection-molded nylon sheath has holes so that it can be sewn into clothing for concealment.

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