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Date Published: 2022-08-22

Collection Knives Make A Great Investment

Collection Knives Make A Great Investment

By Adelia Ladson

If you’re a knife collector, you already know this but if you’re not or are just starting in knife-collecting, most likely you don’t. Knives make a great investment because, as long as you take care of them, they don’t lose their value. A high-quality, collectible knife will also be functional and not just for show. So, to assure that you are buying a knife worthy enough to make the cut (pun totally intended) as one of your collection knives, make sure that the blade is sharp and sturdy. Below are a few collectible lines and some examples of their products for you to consider investing in. And, if you’re an experienced collector, make sure that these knives make your list of must-haves.

Hibben Knives

A true knife-enthusiast will more than likely know the name Gil Hibben. He is a legend and a respected elder of the knife-design and crafting world who has created some of the most widely recognized and sought-after knives in the industry today. He has more than 60 years of experience putting out a line of knives that are made for hard, everyday use but look exceptional with premium materials and absolute attention to detail. It’s hard to choose which of Hibben’s masterpieces to feature because his body of work is so vast, but here are three that showcase the variety that you’ll find.

65TH Anniversary Spartan Bowie

Paying homage to Gil Hibben's unparalleled craftsmanship, the 65th Anniversary Spartan Bowie and Display Stand is a collector's dream. The captivating blade with its upswept design shines with a mirror-polished finish, set off by a polished brass spine accent. The dark pakkawood handle is sculpted with grooves to fit your fingers, and balanced by a weighty chrome-plated handguard and pommel. The crowning touch of this commemorative piece is the high-gloss wooden stand, featuring an antique brass finished 65th-anniversary coin, making it an absolute must-have for any Gil Hibben collector.

Folding Cleaver Knife

Although, Hibben is known mostly for his fixed blade knives, he has crafted some incredible folding knives, too. The Folding Cleaver Knife is one of my favorite Hibben pocket knives. It puts the chopping power of a full-size cleaver right in your pocket and its black, patterned Micarta handle scales give it a sleek and upscale look. The cleaver blade is made of premium stainless steel and its dimensions are 3 7/8” in length by 1 3/4” in width with a flipper for easy deployment. The handle is curved to fit comfortably in your palm and the liners are bead-blasted stainless steel. The pocket clip is stamped with the Hibben Knives logo, and it’s built to stand-up to everyday carry.

Old West Sword Cane

I know it’s not a knife, but I had to include the Old West Sword Cane because it just makes a great collectible but make no mistake, it’s not just a display piece. The almost 15”, in length, premium stainless steel blade is sharp and ready-to-defend. The shaft is a smooth, classy black wood and the handle is black linen Micarta with a chrome-finished cast metal grip that has a gold-plated inlay. The sword’s blade, which features diamond-back filework can be released with just the push of a button and locks securely into the cane’s shaft. The 36 1/2” overall Gil Hibben Old West Sword Cane makes an excellent self-defense weapon!

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Kissing Crane Knives

When I think of Kissing Crane Knives, what comes to my mind is a candy store of trappers in a mouthwatering parade of colors, textures and themes. The company’s trapper pocket knives have become some of the most popular collection knives on the market. You’ll find them in an array of designs including holiday-themed, historical tributes, hobby-themed and American worker tributes. With a long history of exceptional craftsmanship, the brand was founded in 1834, Kissing Crane is known for using premium handle materials like burnt bone, exotic woods and abalone with accents like marble, mother-of-pearl and brass. It has become the brand to rely on, rising to the forefront of knife collections for its high-quality pocket knives. In addition to the trappers, Kissing Crane also puts out exquisite stiletto knives, classic lockback knives and fun little leg knives.

Steel Worker Trapper Knife

Like I said above, Kissing Crane has trapper pocket knives that pay tribute to American workers in a variety of jobs and industries. The Steel Worker Trapper Knife honors those brave men and women who literally built this country. It has two sharp 440 stainless steel blades, which feature Steel Worker themed etchings and our limited edition stamp. The handle has black bone panels and a white bone panel with red, white and blue, 3D-printed steelworker artwork, separated by rivet accents and decorative brass spacers. The trapper pocket knife has a 4” closed length and the handle features the classic Kissing Crane shield.

Leg Pocket Knife

And, yes, I had to include the Pearl Leg Pocket Knife here. The handle is in the shape of a woman’s high-heeled clad leg crafted with white pearl composite scales and brass bolsters with one sculpted in the shape of a woman’s pump. The clip point blade is stainless steel, and it has a nail nick for manual opening. The leg knife also features brass pins and the Kissing Crane shield marking it as authentic.

Abalone Stiletto Knife

The genuine abalone handle scales make Kissing Crane’s Abalone Stiletto a work of art with its purple, blue and green watercolor hues. The scales are really set-off by the polished brass bolsters and pins. Further complementing the handle, the 4 1/4” stiletto blade is of Damascus steel, and it finishes in a penetrating point. The stiletto also has a bolster that is individually serialized, and the Kissing Crane medallion logo inset into the handle.

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Contender Knives

The Contender Knives line may not seem like a collection knife candidate but the modern, innovative design that they offer is definitely display-worthy. For ten years, with its cutting-edge ball-bearing opening mechanism and state-of the-art materials, the brand has performed toe-to-toe with some of the most expensive pocket knives in the industry. The beauty is that you won’t pay the expensive price that you would for other high-end, high-functioning pocket knives. Contender Knives uses premium materials like D2 tool steel but still prices its knives way below their total value. The brand offers upscale shapes and sizes with an array of blade profiles from cleaver and stiletto to upswept and straight back, all technically advanced. Contender Knives don’t just contend - they conquer!

Contender Torque D2 Pocket Knife

The Contender Torque D2 Pocket Knifeperforms better than the most expensive folders on the market! The knife has a 3 1/2” D2 tool steel blade, which can be deployed with ball-bearing opening and secured with a pivot lock. The black handle is crafted of G10 with a carbon fiber onlay and heavy jimping at the end for a secure, slip-free grip. The pocket knife is 4 3/4”, when closed, and it has a sturdy metal pocket clip for ease of carry.

Engineer Pocket Knife

When I say this next knife is lightweight, it’s no joke! The Contender Engineer Pocket Knife is just 3.2 ounces, making it a must-have addition to the tools and gear that you use on a daily basis. Even though, it has an ultra slimline profile, and the handle scales are entirely skeletonized, the advanced engineered pocket knife is up to hard use. The handle is made of stainless steel with G10 scales, and it features a pop of color with blue metallic accents. The 3 1/2” CNC-ground, D2 tool steel blade is razor-sharp and also opens with a ball-bearing mechanism. The blue is carried through to the pocket clip. You will actually forget that the Engineer is even in your pocket, but it will be there ready to work.

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  • KA-BAR Knives

    With quite a long and successful track record, KA-BAR Knives has been putting out quality knives since 1898 and each undergoes testing to ensure corrosion resistance, strength, edge holding ability, and an out-of-the-box razor sharp cutting edge. However, what really put them on the map was the combat knife, made in Olean, N.Y., for the United States Marine Corps and first introduced in W.W.II. As the war continued, these knives became so recognized for their quality and so many in number that “Kabar” became the name that this particular style of knife was known as. KA-BAR has continued to put out a line of knives that are the favorites of survivalists, outdoor sportsmen and adventurers and it’s still in action today at home and on foreign shores.

    KA-BAR U.S. Army Knife

    The Marines were not the only ones to adopt the tried and true combat knife. The U.S. Army “Kabar” Knife has the same design and dimensions as the original USMC knife with the addition of partial serrations on the blade. These serrations were added for the tasks of cutting synthetic and looped materials out in the field. The leather belt sheath has “U.S. Army” and the Army’s official logo stamped on it.

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