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Date Published: 2022-01-31

Conceal And Carry Holsters

Conceal And Carry Holsters

By Adelia Ladson

A High-Quality Holster Is Essential

Having a quality holster for your pistol is essential to keep it secure, within easy reach and to protect it. When you invest money in a firearm, it would be a shame to risk it hitting the ground and getting damaged because of a faulty holster. You also don’t need a holster that will snag when you need to draw it quickly. I have chosen a few of our most tried and true holsters in both concealed carry and open carry models.

Concealed Carry Holsters

If you have a concealed carry license, then obviously, you need a holster that is slimline and won’t show. Seems like a no-brainer but not all holsters are up to the task. Here are a few that are absolutely discreet.

M48 OPS Concealed Belt Holster

If you have a compact or sub-compact pistol, the M48 OPS Concealed Belt Holster is what you’re looking for in a holster. It has a padded polyester construction that won’t mar your gun’s finish and it’s tough and sturdy to keep it protected. The heavy-duty TPU clip keeps the holster securely in place discreetly inside your belt. A front arch design is incorporated into the concealed carry holster to allow you to easily draw and re-holster your weapon quickly. The elastic thumb-strap assures you of a proper fit and security.

M48 OPS Concealed Ankle Holster

If you prefer another concealed carry option other than inside your waist, the M48 OPS Concealed Ankle Holster will fit a compact or sub-compact pistol. A classic barrel design, it has a calf-strap and an ankle-strap, connected by two vertical straps. The leg straps are adjustable and padded for comfort, secured by Velcro. The holster is made of heavy-duty polyester, enhanced with elastic fibers for flexibility and a snug fit. A Velcro strap wraps over the gun, keeping it safely anchored and preventing it from accidentally slipping out of the holster. Durable, comfortable and shrewdly designed, the M48 OPS Concealed Ankle Holster is great for countless concealed carry applications.

M48 OPS Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster

Giving you the versatility to carry stealthily most automatic pistols and revolvers, the M48 OPS Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster is loaded with features. Cleverly constructed in a modular design, it offers both left and right-handed use and is fully adjustable to fit comfortably most adults. On one side is a padded polyester holster and on the other side is a tough, polyester double mag pouch. The shoulder harness is padded, and it can be adjusted with ABS slide buckles and Velcro for both holster and mag pouch tension. The universal holster has ABS quick-release buckles to detach the holster and the pouch from the harness.

Open Carry Holsters

When you’re carrying your handgun out in the open, it still needs to be unobtrusive and slimline so that it won’t restrict movement. It can also look like an accessory that you’re wearing instead of the boring, tactical black. I’ve chosen two attractive open carry holsters that are both stylish and functional.

Rough Rider Leather Holster

Made in the USA, the Rough Rider Leather Holster can be attached to a standard, 1 1/2” wide belt and it will fit snugly to your body. It’s crafted of vegetable-tanned, water buffalo leather that’s bonded to a closed cell foam for comfort and with industrial-grade, bonded nylon thread. The genuine leather holster has a forward tilt design, making it easy to draw, and it has double-ply backing for comfort and support. The Rough Rider is available for compact and full-size handguns, for 1911 style handguns and for sub-compact handguns.

US Cavalry Leather Pistol Holster

A great vintage-looking open carry holster, the US Cavalry Leather Pistol Holster is expertly crafted of premium leather and features an embossed US medallion. It’s designed with an open bottom and has belt slots so that it can be carried securely at your side, giving you quick and easy access to your pistol.

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