Date Published: 2022-05-23

Knives That Have Finger-Rings In Their Blades

Knives That Have Finger-Rings In Their Blades

By Adelia Ladson

What Is A Finger-Ring’s Purpose?

Throughout the years, finger-rings have been integrated into fixed blade knife handles. From the ringed pommel of the karambit to the rings along the handle of the trench knife, they have been valuable weapons and tools. The primary purpose of a finger-ring is to give better dexterity and control over the knife when using it. It also helps to keep the knife securely in your hand, especially, in self-defense or combat situations.

A Finger-Ring In The Blade

Somewhere along the way, finger-rings were integrated into the blade. Once again, the purpose was to give more control and dexterity over the fixed blade knife. However, having the finger-ring in the blade itself focuses the control specifically to the blade. An added benefit is that it can also reduce the overall weight of the knife.

Buying Guide

There’s some really great fixed blades out there, which feature a finger-ring in the blade. You’ll find a variety of styles, giving you options to find one that will suit the tasks that you need it to perform.

Hibben Legacy Cleaver

At the top of the list is the Hibben Legacy Cleaver, which comes with both a Micarta handle and a Bloodwood handle. With decades of experience between them, Gil and Wes Hibben continue to put out innovative designs that are made for hard, everyday use. Their Legacy Cleaver is all about having supreme control from the finger-grooved handle that fits comfortably in your hand to the finger-ring in the back of the blade and the thumb-jimping on the spine. The hefty, full-tang blade is premium stainless steel with beveled edges. Choose from reddish-brown wooden handle scales or black linen Micarta scales that are secured with heavy-duty stainless steel pins. The cleaver has a lanyard hole as a hanging option or for a wrist lanyard and the included leather belt sheath lets you carry it easily.

Shinwa Yaobai Ulu Knife

Shinwa has taken the traditional ulu knife and given it a tactical overhaul with the Yaobai Ulu. It combines elements from both the ulu and the karambit knife, along with a modified knuckle guard. In this case, there are two finger-rings in the wide, curved stainless steel blade that provides protection to the knuckles. The full-tang, non-reflective blade has an open-ring pommel at the end of the tang. The black, G10 handle scales are ergonomically grooved and secured with heavy-duty screws and also feature thumb-jimping. This fixed-blade knife also come with a leather belt-sheath.

Deer Skinner Knife

Skinning game can be a tough job that needs to be done quickly to preserve the taste of the meat. The Deer Skinner Knife will help you make quick work of this job with its AUS-6 stainless steel blade that has a curved edge going down to a sharp point. The finger-ring gives you the control that you need for the cutting, slashing and skinning strokes needed for field dressing. Horn handle scales provide a smooth, comfortable grip to the full-tang blade. This is a compact little skinner, coming in at just under 6”, and it won’t take-up much room at your side in its leather belt sheath.

Undercover Karambit Dagger

The Undercover Karambit Dagger has matching finger-rings, one at each end of the handle. Above both finger-rings are thumb-jimping. The curved and sharp-pointed karambit blade can be housed in an impact-resistant, ABS belt sheath. The 6 1/2” karambit dagger is one, solid piece of black-coated, stainless steel and can be discreetly carried as personal protection.

Shinwa Mini Cleaver

Another very capable 6 1/2” fixed blade with a finger-ring, the Shinwa Mini Cleaver gives you maximum cutting and chopping power in a compact form. The full-tang, premium stainless steel cleaver blade has a stonewashed finish, and the tang extends into a lanyard slot. Stainless steel inserts secure the blue and black G10 handle scales to the tang. The mini cleaver knife can be stored and carried in its black leather belt sheath.

Ridge Runner Archer Ulu

The Ridge Runner Archer Ulu is also an innovative overhaul of a traditional ulu. It will make a great addition to your hunting and camping gear. The bow-shaped, stainless steel blade has a full finger-ring and a partial finger-ring. The full-tang blade has thumb-jimping on an extended tang in the front and an extended tang on the back with a lanyard hole. This fixed blade is built for control from pommel to blade tip. The bloodwood handle scales are finger grooved for a secure, comfortable grip and are secured to the tang with screws. It comes with a sturdy, nylon belt sheath with a Velcro closure to protect the blade.

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