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Date Published: 2022-08-15

Non-Metallic Knives Won’t Raise An Alarm

Non-Metallic Knives Won’t Raise An Alarm

By Adelia Ladson

Carrying a knife, without raising alarms, can be necessary for self-defense or for undercover ops. A non-metallic knife is what you need since it’s undetectable by metal detectors and is generally non-reflective. Other benefits of carrying a knife that isn’t made of metal are that it will be lighter and more resistant to the wear and tear of wet environments. In otherwords, you don’t have to worry about the blade rusting.

Ready To Defend Non-Metallic Knives

When you’re looking for a non-metallic knife, you have a few options to choose from including ceramic, polypropylene and glass-fiber-reinforced nylon. The ceramic fixed blades are going to be the upper end of the spectrum and don’t have the flexibility under pressure that a polymer material has.

Ceramic Blade Pocket Knife

I want to start with these little beauties. The Ceramic Blade Pocket Knife is discreet in more ways than one. The knife won’t set off any alarms on most metal detectors and is entirely non-reflective for night operations. It has a tough, ceramic blade and comfortably curved TPU handle with a ringed pommel. The icing on top is that they come in pairs so you get two of them at a time.

Black Legion Ninja Defense Spike

You can’t get much more streamlined than the Black Legion Ninja Defense Spike, making it one of the most discreet non-metallic knives on the market. Invisible to electronic detection devices, Its’ crafted of 7 3/4” of glass-fiber-reinforced nylon with a 3 1/2” tri-edged spike and a ridged, no-slip grip handle. The lightweight and remarkably tough, triangular spike has a fiercely sharp point that will penetrate practically anything a traditional blade will. Weighing no more than an ink pen, the defense spike can be easy to wield and easy to conceal. What makes it even better is that it comes with a nylon sheath that can be strapped to your arm or leg. It also has a lanyard hole in the handle so that you can hang it around your neck, as well. A must-have for any tactical or self-defense arsenal, the Black Legion Ninja Defense Spike demonstrates that sometimes it’s the most unorthodox and unexpected weapon that proves the fiercest and most effective.

United Cutlery Self-Defense Brush Knife

United Cutlery’s Self-Defense Brush Knife is a hide-in-plain-sight, non-metallic knife that can be carried in your bag or purse when you travel. No one will suspect that the innocent-looking brush conceals a 4 1/4” dagger blade that can be quickly revealed by pulling the bristles from the handle, which gives you a slip-free grip. The 9” overall brush knife is made entirely of an almost indestructible composite of black ABS, nylon and fiberglass that won’t take-up much room in your luggage or handbag. Self-defense has never been stealthier!

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