Date Published: 2021-11-17

Pepper Spray Is Legal Self-Defense

Pepper Spray Is Legal Self-Defense

By Adelia Ladson

What Exactly Is Pepper Spray?

Pepper Spray was developed in the 80’s for law enforcement applications. It’s now available in the private sector for personal defense. Pepper spray’s active ingredients is capsaicin, which is derived from chili peppers and then suspended in water and pressurized into an aerosol format. It can be used against both animal and human attackers. Currently, pepper spray is legal to carry for self-defense in all of the 50 states with some limitations in certain states.

What Does Pepper Spray Do?

In aerosol form, a concentrated burst of the capsaicin can be delivered into the face of an assailant. When it hits the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and throat, it instantly triggers an inflammatory reaction that causes burning, coughing, breathing difficulty and intense pain. The effects can incapacitate completely for several minutes, last for around 30 minutes and the eye irritation can linger up to 24 hours.

Sabre Has The Top Five

When it comes to the top pepper sprays for personal self-defense, Sabre is the best on the market. With a 45-year history of leading the security industry, they’re the largest manufacturer of police-strength pepper spray worldwide. Here are five of their top-sellers.

Sabre Pink Hardcase Three-In-One Pepper Spray

I want to start out with the Pink Hardcase Three-In-One Pepper Spray because it makes an excellent gift for wife, mother, daughter, sister and girlfriend. A special feature that makes it especially effective is the quick-release key ring, which allows access the pepper spray when your keys are still in the vehicle’s ignition or a door’s lock, in case that you’re attacked in a parking lot or at your front door. Guaranteeing maximum stopping power, the maximum strength formula eliminates the 30 percent failure rate of other pepper spray brands. It’s Sabre’s three-in-one formula, which includes CS tear gas for enhanced facial burning and UV marking dye to aid in suspect identification, along with the capsaicin spray. Offering protection at a safe distance against multiple threats, it has a 10-foot range of 25 bursts in a powerful stream to reduce wind blowback. Both case and quick-release key ring mechanism are hard TPU, and the case is finger-grooved for a secure grip. The defense spray case also has a locking top safety to prevent accidental discharge.

Sabre Red Police Magnum Pepper Spray

The most intense product in the company’s wheelhouse is the Sabre Red Police Magnum Pepper Spray. It has a three-in-one formula with the maximum strength pepper spray and UV marking dye, but the third component is a military-grade tear gas to increase the spray’s burn. This defense spray will incapacitate an attacker for 10 to 15 minutes with a broad stream from a safe 12-foot distance. The broad stream is in a cone-shaped spray pattern that covers a larger area and requires less accuracy compared to traditional narrow pin streams. Perfect for private security, it comes in an extra-large cannister that delivers 35 bursts and has a twist lock safety to prevent accidental discharge.

Sabre Mini Pepper Spray

The Sabre Mini Pepper Spray is the easy-to-carry little brother of the Red Magnum above. It has the exact same three-in-one formula, giving you 25 bursts from the smaller canister from a range of 10 feet. The case has a twist lock safety to prevent accidental discharge and an integrated key ring lets you easily carry it almost anywhere. The compact size is the perfect fit for a pocket, purse or backpack.

Sabre Blue Face Pepper Spray

Sabre’s Blue Face Pepper Spray has the added benefit of a blue dye that will mark an assailant’s face blue for up to 48 hours. It has the maximum strength pepper spray that will take a grown man to his knees, and it has an effective range of 8 to 10 feet. The case has an integrated keyring, and a quick-release key ring attachment is also included. You get 25 shots of pepper spray out of the container in a powerful stream to reduce wind blowback.

Sabre Home Defense Pepper Gel

The last Sabre product that I want to include on this list is the Sabre Home Defense Pepper Gel, which is a great non-lethal addition to your home defense weapons. Specifically designed for indoor use, the pepper gel only affects the intended target with no blowback as it doesn’t atomize like traditional pepper spray. It can be effectively used at a distance of up to 25 feet and is easy to clean up afterwards. The pepper gel is the same Sabre maximum strength formula, which includes UV marking dye. The dispenser contains 32 bursts and features a pistol grip firing mechanism and safety pin to reduce accidental discharge. The included wall mount helps ensure the pepper gel is readily available and out of reach of children.

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