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Date Published: 2022-09-12

The Top Five Pocket Knife Brands

The Top Five Pocket Knife Brands

By Adelia Ladson

A pocket knife is an investment in a tool that can be used to help you with everyday cutting tasks. It’s important that you choose the one that’s going to meet all of your needs and, most importantly, last a lifetime.

Where Do I Start?

When you start looking, there are so many pocket knives out there to consider. You can choose from assisted opening to traditional and fantasy to tactical pocket knives. Each has its own personality so that it’s easy to find that perfect match. However, it can be daunting and not all pocket knives are made with the same quality. To make it easier for you to start your search, I’m going to give you a rundown on the top five pocket knife brands you should look at.

Contender Knives

For over a decade, Contender Knives has put out a line of pocket knives that are technically advanced. Using state-of-the art materials and innovative designs, the brand offers pocket knives with cutting edge ball-bearing opening mechanisms. You can find premium materials like D2 tool steel used for blades and carbon fiber used for handles. I’ve found these pocket knives to be priced way below their total value.


As sleek in form as a raven’s wing, the Volantes has handle scales that were crafted using a combination of black G10 and carbon fiber. The aerodynamic handle is grippy with ridges along the edges and the scales are secured with brass screws that match the brass thumbstud and ball-bearing pivot. The D2 tool steel blade is CNC ground, and it can be smoothly accessed with the ball-bearing opening mechanism. The advanced engineered pocket knife from Contender is one of the most streamlined EDCs that I’ve ever seen from blade tip to handle end and it has a pocket clip, making it easy to just clip on and go.


Drawing inspiration from the people, places and products around them, Benchmade, instantly recognizable by its iconic butterfly logo, has been in the industry for 30 years. The company started as a small machine shop in Southern California and has built its brand into a world-class knife manufacturer. A Benchmade pocket knife will perform for whatever you need it for however long you need it, whether you’re in the forest or on the job.


Inspired by the notorious directional mine, the Claymore is packed with hidden features. The slender, push-button powerhouse makes a great tactical EDC. It’s entirely non-reflective black from blade to handle so that it won’t give you away when using. With this pocket knife, Benchmade incorporated a new steel into their portfolio of materials – CPM-D2. This premium steel provides toughness and edge retention to the partially serrated blade. It’s the toughest in the company’s line to date with a textured Grivory handle. The Claymore is an explosive new design bound to take the battlefield by storm.


The Mavrokniv pocket knife brand is known for its sharp, clean lines and purpose driven form. Add to that a ball-bearing opening mechanism and you have in your hand an efficient and effective cutting and slicing tool. With this pocket knife brand, you have a choice of blade profiles, useful for a variety of daily tasks and all of them are ridiculously sharp. Mavroknivs are workhorse everyday carry pocket knives that can be counted on to serve for years and years.


Crafted with premium materials using technically advanced methods, the Leviathan is ready for anything! It has a brawny blade profile with sharp lines and angles, giving it that purpose driven form that’s so specific to a Mavrokniv pocket knife. The D2 tool steel, reverse tanto blade can be effectively wielded with its heavily grooved, CNC-finished aluminum handle scales, which are secured with bright blue screws matching the ball-bearing pivot. In spite of the massive blade profile, the Leviathan is lighter than you think because of its thru-holes in the blade and the relatively slim handle. It also has a pocket clip.

Smith & Wesson

One of the oldest, proudest and most legendary brands in America, Smith & Wesson needs no introduction. Most people don’t realize that the company puts out an array of sleek pocket knives, too. Just as with their firearms, the knives are unrivaled in quality and tactical design. Their line includes everything from OTF pocket knives to rescue pocket knives.

OTF Flat Dark Earth Pocket Knife

The assisted opening flat, dark earth pocket knife from Smith & Wesson is a lightning-fast OTF. It was designed and built with real-world tactical use in mind, offering a slim profile in both handle and blade. The tactical black blade is made of premium AUS-8 stainless steel that’s been forged into a double-edged dagger with a penetrating point. The flat, dark earth aluminum handle controls everything with a slide trigger for deployment and a tab for retraction of the blade. A safety keeps the blade secured and grippy ridges assures you of a no-slip grip. The handle also features a glassbreaker pommel and a pocket clip

Timber Wolf

After more than 30 years in the industry, Timber Wolf is still leading the pack of everyday pocket knives. The company has, at the heart of its business plan, a promise to give customers exactly what they’re looking for, scouring the globe to find the latest knife designs. Timbe Wolf produces exceptional pocket knives that perform – plain and simple.


The Heirloom is a classically attractive EDC, which is typical for a Timber Wolf pocket knife. Timber Wolf tends toward traditional materials like premium wood and rust-resistant stainless steel, combined with traditional lines. The blade of this everyday carry is further enhanced with a grey titanium coating, which is also carried through to the stainless steel bolsters. The rich, brown handle scales provide the perfect canvas for personalization with your initials, and, with this pocket knife, engraving is completely free! The assisted opening Heirloom Pocket Knife makes a great gift for any occasion.

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