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Date Published: 2021-12-29

Walking Canes For Style And Self-Defense

Walking Canes For Style And Self-Defense

By Adelia Ladson

An accessory that’s never gone out of style, the walking cane isn’t just for your grandfather! Over their hundreds of years of existence, they have changed and evolved. There are a limitless number of designs and materials with only the basic profile of handle and shaft in common. However, far from being just an accessory, canes can be very capable self-defense weapons.

A Cane As A Self-Defense Weapon

The basic design of the walking cane inherently makes it a self-defense weapon since man has been hitting each other with sticks from the dawn of time. As they evolved, they were improved specifically for self-defense. The shafts were crafted out of sturdier materials than wood and blades were even hidden inside of them.

Hidden Sword Walking Canes

The sword cane or swordstick, as it has been called in the past, really became a popular fashion accessory for gentlemen during the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe. This was because it was becoming politically incorrect to carry a sword out in the open. But when you spend all of that time learning how to use sword, it’s kind of difficult to give it up. So, the cleverly hidden blade became the “thing”.

In today’s society, self-defense items are a must-have and there are many choices available. Yet, none are so elegant and stylish as the sword cane. While most of the items in the discreet self-defense category are meant to be carefully hidden away on your person, the sword cane can be proudly displayed and admired by your friends without them ever knowing its secret. Unless, of course, you’re confronted by a less than savory individual, which then, gives you the opportunity to amaze them with your proficiency in self-defense. Here are a few of my favorites.

Night Watchman Sword Cane

As the ultimate in functionality goes, the Night Watchman Sword Cane is really the best option in a cane sword. Its construction is of black, hard-coated aluminum with a high carbon steel blade that is strong enough to take down an assailant. The heavy-duty fiber-filled nylon handle and thick, removable rubber toe makes it truly a great addition to your personal defense arsenal because it is designed to actually be used as a walking cane. This is an excellent choice for someone who needs a little extra support in walking but wants the security of knowing they won't be defenseless.

Gil Hibben Old West Sword Cane

Style, though, is what really made the cane an item to have a couple of centuries go and it still applies, now. People love to complete their outfits or costumes (for the cosplay folks) with these wonderful accessories. But isn’t it even more impressive when you show that yours has a little something extra to it? Designed by world-famous knifemaker, Gil Hibben, the Gil Hibben Old West Sword Cane is a stunning piece that would be the envy of any gentleman stepping out. It’s the painstaking and thoughtful accents like the gold-plated inlay in the handle and the elegant diamond-back filework on the blade that really make this Hibben masterpiece standout. Combine that with a premium, black wooden shaft with a linen Micarta blade collar and a push button blade release and you’ve got the definition of sword cane personified: sleek style and sharp function!

Shikoto Yonaka Sword Cane

It only makes sense that Shikoto would craft their own version of a sword cane, as incredible blades are their forte. Using the same time-tested techniques as they do when they craft their legendary katanas, Shikoto swordsmiths hand-forged the Yonaka Sword Cane. The hidden, just over 18” high carbon steel blade can be pulled from the shaft with a push of the integrated release button. The cane’s shaft is smooth, black wood with a stainless steel band at the top and a rubber toe. Keeping with the traditional katana design, the wooden handle is wrapped in black rayskin and intricately wrapped leather cord. At the very top, where the pommel would be, is a premium black wooden knob handle.

Self-Defense Walking Canes

If the sword cane “is not your thing”, there are also incredible options out there that make highly capable self-defense weapons. They have both style and function, making them weapons hidden in plain sight. High-impact materials and weight-forward designs give them the power to pack quite a punch when it comes to self-defense on the fly.

Blackthorn Shillelagh Walking Stick

The Old World look of the Blackthorn Shillelagh Walking Stick makes it the top of my list for self-defense canes. The experts at Night Watchman have recreated the traditional shillelagh in acute detail. It’s crafted of polypropylene, molded to look like actual blackthorn wood, complete with gnarled accents and an impact-resistant, faux wood knob handle.

Windlass Steelcrafts Mace Cane

A traditional, yet ageless style of walking cane, the Windlass Steelcrafts Mace Cane lets you walk with confidence and power. Simple and attractive, the stout solid hardwood shaft is topped with a heavy, solid brass knob fashioned after a Medieval mace head. The slip-free rubber toe makes it perfect for walking in any weather.

Night Watchman Adjustable Self-Defense Cane

Giving the old, classic hook cane a modern update, Night Watchman adds the Adjustable Self-Defense Cane to its formidable self-defense line. The crook handle has been given a modern update with a sharp, puncturing point for fending off attackers. The cane has a rock-solid, glass-fiber-reinforced nylon construction that’s very effective at striking powerful blows. The removable slip-free rubber toe provides the security of a sure footing, making it easy to navigate through icy streets and uneven sidewalks. With the built-in grooves and included instructions, you can adjust the height of the cane to suit your needs using just a hacksaw. This unassuming cane may look ordinary, but it’s a beast when it comes to personal protection!

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