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Welcome To The BUDK Blog. BUDK is the largest online retailer of knives and swords in the world, with the lowest prices to boot! We also happen to like knives, swords, axes, tomahawks, guns and more. So, we're going to write lots of interesting articles about those things, and other "BUDK-ish" subjects for you to learn about here. We hope you enjoy the Blog!

M48 Kommando Survival Spear & Hammer Now Available By United Cutlery

Date Published: 2013-01-15

United Cutlery, industry leader in edged goods and licensed adult collectibles, announced today the release of its latest M48 Kommando™ Survival series, designed to provide supreme tactical applications in a variety of situat... read more

Sneek Peak at United Cutlery's The Hobbit Movie Replicas

Date Published: 2012-12-05

In case you didn’t know, the prequel to The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is to be released in theaters on December 14 this month. United Cutlery has once again acquired the licensed to pr... read more

United Cutlery Produces Mikkel Willumsen's Blondie

Date Published: 2012-10-25

United® Cutlery found a common thread among knife enthusiasts and collectors. Most of them want the unique look and feel of a custom knife, but they do not want to shell out the money for a hand-made creation to use on a dail... read more

Replica Weapons from "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"

Date Published: 2012-10-22

Sword of Sting, with plaque Sword of Sting, with plaque United® Cutlery, manufacturer of licensed edged and adult collectibles for the entertainment industry since 1981, announced the availability to pre-order replicas ... read more

A Beginner's Guide to Collecting Pocket Watches

Date Published: 2012-10-21

Pocket watches were first developed during the 16th century. Made to be carried in a pocket as opposed to the wristwatch, pocket watches were easily accessible and practical. During the 18th century, pocket watches were items... read more

Knife Sharpeners Buyer's Guide

Date Published: 2012-10-20

To keep your knives in top condition, it is important to use a sharpener to give your blades the edge needed. There are tons of knife sharpeners on the market today, making it hard to know which one will do the best job when ... read more

Pocket Knives For Emergency Workers

Date Published: 2012-10-18

Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians have to be there and be ready when they receive a rescue call. They have to be skilled and well equipped to successfully handle emergency situations and provide vital, life-savin... read more

Replica Helmets for Collectors and Re-enactors Alike

Date Published: 2012-10-17

Armored helmets were manufactured in Japan as early as the 4th century. Designed to protect the head from damage usually during combat or a potentially dangerous environment, helmets have been used for protection for several ... read more

Paracord: It's Not Just for Jumping Out of Planes

Date Published: 2012-10-12

Parachute cord, or paracord as it has more commonly become known, is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope woven to produce superior strength, durability, and flexibility. It is so durable and useful, in fact, that it was origi... read more

Damascus Steel Sword Buyer's Guide

Date Published: 2012-10-11

Damascus steel is a term used by many Western cultures from the Medieval time period forward to refer to a unique type of steel that was originally created in India and used for swordmaking from approximately 300 B.C. to A.D.... read more

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