Date Published: 2018-11-28

Karambits, Tomahawks, Fixed Blades The M48 Liberator Series Gets The Job Done!

 M48 Blog Picture
 M48 Blog Picture
By Adelia Ladson

Offering a range of weapons and tools built for battle, the M48 line by United Cutlery is the absolute in tactical perfection. Using the concept “Gear to get the job done. No matter how dirty.” as a driving force, United Cutlery has put out a line of products that actually works in the real world. United Cutlery’s goal, with its M48 line, is to offer a range of weapons and tools that really are built for battle and can back you up whatever the real world throws at you. We don’t want to take a fixed blade or tomahawk axe out and have it fall apart in our hands right when we need it the most! So, we sure don’t expect our customers to put up with that. And that’s why we always count on United Cutlery to stock our inventory with items that we ourselves will take out and use with confidence that they’re up to the task at hand. No toys here!

m48 karambit Ancient design reimagined.

New Liberator Series

Tactical Karambit

Every year the M48 line is expanded with innovative designs and the upcoming year is no different. You can expect to find a range of bladed weapons and tools for every mission and every job. The new Liberator Series that United Cutlery let us preview is really taking their talent for reimagining tried and true ancient weapon designs into modern, tactical weapons. Coming down the pike next year will be a phenomenal karambit that, believe me, is the perfect back-up weapon on your belt! When you hold it in your hand, it fits comfortably in your palm and truthfully, I really did feel like it was an extension of my hand. And that’s exactly what you want with a karambit because that’s what it was meant to be when it was first used in Southeast Asia. The M48 Liberator Falcon Karambit Knife’s curved blade is crafted of 2Cr13 stainless steel with the two-tone black oxide coating and satin finish, which have become defining characteristics of an M48 brand blade. No worries about slippage when you’re using this karambit! The injection-molded, nylon handle scales are extremely grippy, even if your palm is sweaty. Then, as a second line of defense, the traditional open-ring pommel has a penetrating point.

m48 tomahawk Sleek update on tradition.

Tactical Tomahawk

Also coming out next year, in the Liberator series, is the M48 Liberator Infantry Tomahawk, an updated version of M48’s original tomahawk. Now, this one got me really excited when I laid hands on it because the tomahawk has always been a favorite of mine. I watched our guys take it out and put it through its paces against a junk car. We’re talking, metal and glass, no problem! What I like about it is that the head has a slightly slimmer profile so that the piercing point has more length to it. Also, instead of just a ridged grip, the injection-molded nylon handle is heavily textured. If you don’t add this to your tactical gear, you’ll be kicking yourself because this is legitimately a beast in the field!

m48 sabotage Innovation expertly realized.

Tactical Fixed Blade

So, the last new comer, in the series, that I’m going to preview is the M48 Liberator Sabotage II Combat Knife. United Cutlery took their classic fixed blade and gave it a sleek and updated look and feel for its new series of tactical tools. It also has the 2Cr13 stainless steel blade with the two-tone black oxide coating and satin finish that dominated any cutting task we put it up against. What our guys really liked was that the layered G10 handle scales gave a no-slip grip even when the knife was used in wet conditions. As always, a tough belt sheath comes with this fixed blade, so that it can go anywhere you do.

This is just a small taste of the new M48 weapons and tools that United Cutlery has in production for the coming year and I guarantee you’ll be drooling over the rest of them! I admit, I was! No shame here! I was completely blown away, just like I always am, over the way United Cutlery takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. The M48 line is, hands down, the absolute in tactical perfection!

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