Date Published: 2013-03-22

Knives allowed on Airplanes after April 25, 2013

You remember how aggravating it is to get in the security check line at the airport and forget you had your pocket knife in your pocket. You’d have to get out of line and go all the way back to your car to put it up. Well, apparently the TSA is as tired of confiscating knives as we are having them confiscated.
Earlier this month TSA announced the latest modification to their ongoing efforts to provide the most effective (and irritating) security to the traveling public. Beginning April 25, TSA will relax restrictions on certain knives previously prohibited as part of its ever evolving efforts to focus on items that pose the highest threat. Relaxed restrictions will apply to knives that do not lock, and have blades that are 2.36 inches or 6 centimeters or lessin length and are less than 1/2 inch in width as part of their carry-on baggage.
 The reason behind the change in policy was to focus on things which are actually a threat! Administrator Pistole said we know the aviation threat is, “from nonmetallic improvised explosive devices such as the liquids explosive plot we saw from the U.K. in 2006, the bomb used by the so-called Underwear Bomber on Christmas Day 2009, the toner cartridge printer bombs from Yemen placed onto our air cargo flights destined for Chicago in October 2010 and most recently, the improved next generation underwear device also from Yemen intended for a passenger jet on its way to the U.S….”

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