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Date Published: 2013-05-09

The Best Fillet Knife Ever

Fishing Knives
Fishing Knives
We have a lot of folks ask us each month, “What is the best fillet knife?” Our answer to that would be, “The one that gets your fish cleaned the fastest and is most affordable.” We’d like to think our Wahoo Killer Fillet Knife is just that. Even though it doesn’t look like a traditional fillet knife, it will fillet a fish in a heartbeat! But you shouldn’t just throw it in your tacklebox and only use it to clean fish with. This is a great all-around knife and is actually built with the same blade shape and steel as many all-purpose and bushcraft knives. You can use it as a camp knife to split logs, clean game and do most anything.

This knife features a 4? razor-sharp, stainless steel blade that just gets the job done. It will shave hair off of your arm when it comes out of the package! The over-molded handle features a checkered rubber grip that makes it easy to hold on to, even with wet hands. It also includes an ABS belt sheath with drainage holes and a clip so you don’t have to take your belt off just to put the sheath on. This also allows you to clip this knife on your pack, boot or anywhere else you need it easily accessible. The knife fits snugly in the sheath and won’t fall out even if clipped horizontally on a pack.

But, the best part about this knife is the price tag. You can currently buy a 3-pack of Wahoo Killer Fillet Knives for only $4.99, or buy them one at a time for $1.99 each. But, you might as well stock up because you’ll save on shipping and you’ll find so many great uses for this knife, you’ll never regret it. Put one in your tackle box, one in the tool box and one in your hunting bag. Then order some more because you’ll need one for the truck, the boat and your camping bag as well!

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