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Date Published: 2015-10-14

Top Five Martial Arts Fails

By Adelia Ladson
The study of and training in martial arts can be a life-long pursuit that requires constant practice and unwavering focus. A perfectly executed martial arts exercise, move or feat is a beautiful thing to behold. But …. there are moments when the only thing they can be described as is: “That got ugly!” And the best thing about those moments are that you see them in living color because invariably they’ve been recorded, in all their glory, and immediately posted on YouTube.

1. Worst demonstration ever! I sorta feel sorry for this guy because he’s really having a bad day but I feel sorrier for the kid he took-out in the process. He probably should have stopped while he was ahead, which was before he teed-off the kid’s mother!

2. First off: “Ouch!” Here’s a girl that won’t be sitting comfortably for a week. Now, when you’re trying to show-off your incredible Karate kicks, there are a couple of things that you should consider. One: Are these shoes too slippery for this slick cobblestone? Two: Am I really going to flash this guy my underwear?

3. Okay the biggest fail is not on the part of the guy who missed his kick. It’s on the brother who let someone try to kick a candy cane out of his mouth to begin with. I’m not letting anyone take a kick at my head under any circumstances. Christmas Day at their house: Awkward.

4. This endeavor was doomed from the start and, if this is his wife, I’m pretty sure this episode ended in divorce. Yet another awkward Christmas Day in the making. Why do folks like to push their luck around the holidays?

5. This is painful to watch and I mean embarrassing painful to watch. Yeah, I’m going with the phrase: “He bit off more than he can chew.” I bet this definitely put him off coconuts for awhile. Maybe he should of used coconut cream pies instead.

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