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Date Published: 2016-01-25

What is Your Knife Superstition?

Knife Superstitions
Knife Superstitions
By Adelia Ladson

Most folks are superstitious in one way or another. Some are superstitious about the things they do and wear so that their favorite sports team will continue a winning streak. Some folks are superstitious about what they do every day. You can find superstitions in all cultures and all aspects of society, going back to when man first walked the Earth. It’s pretty much a time-honored tradition. So of course they’re superstitions about knives and what you should and should not do with them. Here are 13 of them.

1. Icelandic superstition: If you drop your knife while you’re cleaning fish and the knife lands with the point to the sea, you will get a great haul of fish the next time you go out fishing. On the other hand, if the knife points to land, you won’t catch a thing.

2. If your lover gives you a knife as a gift, beware, they won’t be your lover for long.

3. When a knife falls on the ground, they you will be visited by a man pretty soon.

4. A steel knife will protect you from curses and fairies.

5. Finnish superstition: In Finland, a knife is given as a gift as a sign of respect and is always presented with the handle first to represent trust. Knives are given to members of social and government organization members and also employees of companies.

6. You absolutely cannot say the word “knife” when you are out at sea.

7. An old superstition: When you carry a combat knife into battle, you should never return it to its sheath until has drawn blood. If you do sheath it, it will fail you in combat.

8. American superstition: Sharpening a knife after the sun goes down is bad luck.

9. A hunting superstition is that a woman should never touch a knife that is used to kill game with.

10. Crossing your knife with your spoon when you’re done dining, tell the host or hostess or chef that the food was bad and you wish them bad luck in return.

11. Chinese superstition: In China, if you sleep on a bed that has knives under it, that will scare away evil spirits.

12. Russian superstition: In Russia, never leave a knife with its edge up because murders are being born as long as it’s left that way.

13. Filipino superstition: In the Philippines, if you cut yourself with your knife, you have to coat it in your blood.

Check out our video below to see ten more superstitions about our favorite subject - knives!

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