Okhotsk Full Tang Ninjato Sword with Sheath
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  • 21" full tang stainless steel blade
  • Rich black pakkwood handle
  • Vibrant brass plated steel accents
  • Includes over-the-shoulder scabbard
  • Overall length: 33 1/2"

This Okhotsk Ninjato has been designed to provide top performance at an incredible price! This item offers full tang construction and features a 21" stainless steel blade with a satin finish. The handle is rich black pakkwood, fitted with brilliantly contrasting stainless steel rivets and guard. This sword includes a hardwood sheath that can be worn on the side or slung across the back.

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 3.81 out of 5
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It's a bargain! Reviewed by Brent Terry on Sep 30, 2016   5 out of 5

It's not perfect, not even close, but, it's full tang! Really strong! and worth the low price! I have one that is 10 years old, and a new one, while very similar, they are not the same. The old one came sharpened, with a straight blade, and the guard still doesn't rattle! But, the new one came with the blade bent, twisted, UN-sharpened, and the guard is loose! Also, the grind on the blade was much better on the older one! Both say "Pakistan".

Dont buy it Reviewed by Danny Martinez on May 16, 2016   1 out of 5

I bought this sword, it wasn't even sharpened and it was freaking bent!
Response: We apologize for the condition of the product you received. This is unacceptable and we'd like to make it up to you. Please contact customer service at 866-246-7164 and we will refund you the purchase and shipping amount or we could send you a replacement if you'd prefer. We are truly sorry for this inconvenience. Sincerely, BUDK Customer Service

WOW for the money. Reviewed by Juan I Alonso on Mar 22, 2016   5 out of 5

I bought this ninjato 5 years ago, i have sharpened it since the blade wasn't super sharp. I have used it to chop the hedge by my house and cut boxes and bottles with it. I have given it a lot of heavy usage in this time. The blade bent one time but i was able to bring it back to its straight foundation. I was surprised the metal didn't snap., but it is quiet a thick blade. It has an incredible lasting quality for being stainless steel and at such a cheap price, when i originally bought it it was 30$, now is even cheaper. I wouldn't recommend attempting cutting really thick stuff but it is an absolute great buy for the price.

10 star rating. (Only if there was a 10th star to rate.) Reviewed by Katie Coakley on Jan 15, 2016   5 out of 5

Great sword. If you are a wall hanger person, this is not for you. This is full tang, real ebony handle, the brass plated base is very nice, makes it look very stylish. Very lightweight, I measured it and it read 2 pounds, 7 ounces. I'm very impressed with it because it is not a wall hanger. Overall, worth my twenty dollars.

much better than the reviews Reviewed by William Rotay on Jun 18, 2015   5 out of 5

I gave it 5 stars because its alot of sword for under 20 bucks, what do want? its a nice thick piece of stainless at least a quarter in thick, its got a full tang handle big enough for two hands and the wood on the handle appears to be Ebony plus the knuckle guard is a nice sturdy piece of steel, it needs to be sharpened but all these swords do so get a course diamond file and a fine stone. I would buy another one of these, you just cant beat the price.

Okhotsk Full Tang Ninjato Reviewed by Matthew Cordell on Apr 10, 2015   4 out of 5

Very impressed with this 20$ sword, thick and sturdy. The cutting edge was crooked but after some hard work on the sharpening stone, it straighten right out. Overall a great purchase.

Ninjato Reviewed by PHil on Feb 12, 2015   4 out of 5

This sword is extremely dull, heavy, bulky and needs some customizing DIY work to make it a decent sword. Very difficult to use one handed though can be a great weapon if a little customizing is done

Get what U paid for Reviewed by Nate on Jan 30, 2015   2 out of 5

It's $20 dollars do you get what you paid for? No, the blade is not even dull it has no edge its flat like the back of a knife flat and its also bended the grip is not comfortable I recommend getting the timber wolf sword or the united one for about the same price.

It's $20...and it's cheap Reviewed by Lucas on Jul 18, 2014   2 out of 5

It's $20, so don't expect too much. the blade is really dull, I can run my fingers on it without cutting myself. the handle is not that strong, it makes you feel like the handle and the blade can fall apart anytime. Well, I paid $20, so I was expected too much. If you want a sword to practice, then this is the one you will want, you want a real one to do something else? Choose another one more expensive.

Full Tang Ninjato Reviewed by Back Yard Shinobi on Jun 07, 2014   5 out of 5

My wife got me this sword for father's day and I love it. Read my review keeping in mind that this is a $20 sword and I am reviewing it as such. Is it a Shinwa? Not by any stretch of the imagination. It came almost as sharp as your average butter knife. But some love with my files followed by a fine stone it took a pretty nice edge. It is now sharp enough to be dangerous. The tip wasn't a proper "tanto" tip so I broke out the dremel and fixed that while I was at it. The blade is wider than most (edge to spine) which adds some heft to it. The balance is nice. And the handle feels to be very robust. There is a slight wave in the blade but I don't mind. Considering that it was probably hammerd out of a truck spring in a back yard in Pakistan it is quite nice.This thing should dispatch a zombie, rival ninja, or watermelon with equal zeal. To say that the saya (sheath) leaves something to be desired is an understatement. It is what amounts to two pieces of paneling with cardboard spacers. I am going to build a new one to replace it. Bottom line, for the price, it is perfect for the adventures of a back yard ninja.

1 - 10 of 37 Reviews (View All)