Bayonet Style Tactical Pocket Knife
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  • Folding bayonet-style knife
  • 5" 440 stainless steel blade
  • Includes nylon sheath
  • Overall length: 11"

Pair your assault rifle with this unstoppable bayonet style folding knife for the ultimate tactical pair. This tactical knife features a 5" stainless steel blade that is razor sharp and wooden handle scales that allude to one of the most famous assault rifles of all time. This also includes a durable nylon sheath to store your knife in when not in use.

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.47 out of 5
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Bigger than I thought Reviewed by on Apr 14, 2017   5 out of 5

This knife was bigger than I thought but it feels great. Nothing was loose and easy to open. One of my favorites!

One of my favs Reviewed by Eric McDougle on Dec 07, 2016   5 out of 5

This pocket knife is a really good buy if you want a blade thats larger and more intimidating than what most other people are carrying on them. It is very well made of heavy gauge steel, ( probably my heaviest knife) and it has a real locking rifle slot mechanism located on the end of the handle for mounting applications. I give this knife 5.1 stars for shear creative ingenuity. Thanks BUDK Cutlery. You hit a homer on this one gomer!

BIG Reviewed by Anthony Brady on Dec 02, 2016   5 out of 5

I like the quality and it's really a sturdy knife. But, it weighs 11 ounces and is 6 inches long closed. I dont' see this as a carry knife especially with that round thing that always stays on top. It IS massive, though. If the weight doesn't pull your pants down then it will be a scary weapon.

Nice and Big, not quite as nice QC Reviewed by Josh Gilbert on Aug 05, 2015   4 out of 5

This is a substantial knife - you should be able to get a pretty good idea of the size of this guy from the pictures. I will say, for the price (do yourself a favor and buy it when it's on sale) it's worth it. BUT, understand that the fit and finish may not be as nice and neat as it is in the video. The wood handle pieces on mine were cut too small and have noticeable gaps between them and the bolsters, as well as some splintering on the edges and where the screws were drilled in to hold them on. Not much play in the blade when extended but time will tell how the lock holds - out of the box the liner lock works, but it is thin and might need some adjusting to make a little more solid. Didn't come very sharp, so be prepared to get out your stones as well. Overall, it was a good deal and after I do a little modding (replace the factory wood with my own custom sides) and sharpening, I might even start to love it. In a strictly platonic way.

Excellent Knife Reviewed by Randy Navarre on Jul 14, 2015   5 out of 5

An excellent knife. Bigger than I thought, but not too big. Good weight, so when I want to flick it open, the weight of the blade allows it to open immediately. Not too heavy to carry though. It does not weigh now your pants. I have already recommended it to my trainer.

LOVE THE KNIFE Reviewed by Art on Feb 22, 2015   5 out of 5

I liked this knife the first time I saw it so I ordered one. Upon receipt, it exceeded my expectations, so I ordered a second. I showed it to a friend and he liked it so well that I gave it to him. The next time I saw them on sale, I ordered two to keep on hand for presents to friends.

Don't.. just don't Reviewed by Chad on Jan 29, 2015   1 out of 5

My knife came with the blade leaning slightly to the left (manufacture error)and wobbles more than 1/8 of an inch at the tip. The blade must actually be guided back to the closed position to prevent the blade from smacking the inside guide. Lock-up (if it can be called that) is the lever-lock type and mine has a dangerous and unpredictable tendency to stick in the open position. It sticks so well that I actually need to use a tool (Bic lighter) to pop it back out of the locked position. The wooden scales look nice (one of the main reasons I ordered it), but the one on the right, beneath the belt clip, is loose and bowed ever so slightly - put together barely well enough to do the job but substandard fit and finish. On the good side: The belt clip appears very sturdy and the blade is sharp. It is an interestingly odd and peculiar looking knife. It very easily could sprout legs and walk away, should it be left unattended on a table with unsavory types milling about. Maybe your knife will be a better made one. It has a cool factor about it and if it worked like I expected it to - I would have added a few more stars to this review. I made the mistake of shipping this knife to an alternate address and wasn't able to inspect it within a reasonable time-frame in order to send it back.

Knife Great - Holster breaks in a few Months Reviewed by Terry Engen on Dec 28, 2014   4 out of 5

I love your knife, you have my permission to check invoice for exact model. The holster that holds the knife to my belt is weak, especially on the part linked to my belt, I have purchased several of these knifes for the last couple of years or so. I am all happy with my great knife, until the belt loops break and I can no longer wear it, after 3 - 4 broke, I was heart broken. In fact I just bought 3 of these knifes, so I could have backup knife holders, so when the next one breaks, I have a backup one, until they all break. I have also given these knifes to my sons as presents. Then there was the time when you ran out of these. Thank you for the great Knife, not so good for your knife belt holder. Happy Holidays. thx for listening. Super New Year coming at ya. Terry

Awesome Reviewed by Tyler on Dec 25, 2014   5 out of 5

Got my knife yesterday and so far its the best knife I bought so far. Hell I feel like I have to buy another one just to use it in my other hand. It did I have little screw issue but it was easily fixable, and the blade was a little dull but that didn't get me down so I sharpened it. The knife had a nice grip and it was huge. Other than that I stabbed several potatoes,a watermelon,and my wooden table. I love this knife and recommend everyone to buy it.

Screw issue Reviewed by CG on Apr 02, 2014   5 out of 5

Glad to see someone else mentioned a screw issue. Beware - the screw heads, both the hexagonal screws and the two main torx screws round out very easily. If you're going to tighten them, make sure you have the proper size driver - even then you'll need to make sure the driver head is well seated and use a lot of pressure when turning or else you'll round the heads, and then you're "screwed". Otherwise, this knife is very good - big and impressive with a nice thich blade. On another subject, I'm not surprised the black handled version of this knife is no longer available. I have one, and although it's essentially the same knife, the handles (wooden scales) are too thick and do not fit smoothly with the metal of the knife. This is too bad since the "brown" handled version is very well fitted.

1 - 10 of 15 Reviews (View All)