Black Hornet Ninja Gear Folding Grappling Hook
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  • Your ninja gear isn't complete without it
  • Four carbon steel talons lock into place on hook
  • 33' of tough baided nylon rope
  • Rated at more than 800 lbs
  • Compact and easy to carry

This specially designed grappling hook folds down for compact, easy carrying. With a few twists, the four carbon steel talons can be locked into position, assuring a safe ascent. Best of all, it's rated to more than 800 lbs and comes with 33' of tough braided nylon rope.

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.14 out of 5
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Reverse Assembly Reviewed by Eric Waydick on Dec 26, 2014   4 out of 5

The solid steel portions of the hook are sturdy. The top nut was put on with an adhesive, like Locktite, which kept it in place very well. The hook cross member closest to the cap nut is threaded, which makes it far more stable. The other cross member floats free. The spring should be on the other side of the floating hook to push it up into the threaded hook, and the threaded hook should be thread-locked to the cap nut. When this is done, the hook can be collapsed and returned to service quickly. The way the picture shows it assembled on the box and the way it came leaves no reason for including the spring. By butting the cross member against the cap nut, the number of load-bearing threads are doubled. The rope included is fairly high quality, but I would upgrade to a more secure knot before risking suspending myself from it. The weight is very good for short-to-medium distance throws.

Good Tool for hard job. Reviewed by Ocala Jack on Jan 25, 2014   4 out of 5

My first BudK purchase and my first throwing weapon. Climbing a thin rope is a special skill requiring long practice and some serious upper body strength. One of the great feats of strength of a life full of such machismo is the time I climbed this bad boy 15' up the side of a dam casement. Knot the rope at 18" intervals. This will reduce the length of the rope by about 20% but is very necessary for ascents/descents. Throwing this thing is another special skill set. Don't think you can throw a grapple without practice. So this is the right gear but be prepared to train for many hours before you

great! Reviewed by shane on Jul 18, 2013   5 out of 5

Great for repelling down from building

gotta grapple? Reviewed by sam on Mar 13, 2013   3 out of 5

Best way to use the rope is fold in half and knot about every 18 inches, then you essentially have a rope "loop" ladder that almost anyone can climb by inserting a foot in the loops. Buy longer rope if you need more length. Be sure the spring is on top of the grapple, it came assembled backwards.

Not too super for actual climbing Reviewed by Bobby meredith on Aug 20, 2011   3 out of 5

Doesn't fold down as well as I thought it would, has the tendency to bend if hooked at odd angle. The rope is difficult to climb, I would recommend a pair of gloves but even then it is challenging. Missed my target and broke the top bolt when it landed. Looks cool, you'll gain instant respect with your friends until you try to use it for climbing and end up looking like a wuss. Great for other practical purposes. I'm sure you can be creative and make many opportunities to use it elsewhere.

hard to climb Reviewed by vincent on Apr 12, 2009   5 out of 5

This is an amazing buy, useful beyond what i had firstly intend, the rope is nearly impossible to climb i had to switch it out with a lighter rope with more friction to latch onto but other than that i weigh 180 pound, i bent one hook from missing a throw like said below but i could bend it back with some tools from my shed

Review Reviewed by Josh Lowe on Mar 07, 2009   5 out of 5

Great weight to it, perfect for scaling buildings. Have already scaled multiple buildings and can definitely hold you, have had this for 2 years. The rope is great and has lasted this long with absolutely no problems. I did bend one of the claws because I missed the roof of a building and it came down 50 feet onto concrete. It just barely bent, extremely impressed with this product.

1 - 7 of 7 Reviews (View All)