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We receive numerous amounts of samples from different companies on a daily basis. We don't order every product we see and we also have excess inventory of others, so we decided to bundle them all together and give them to you at an amazing discount!

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 3.42 out of 5
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Fantastic Reviewed by Matt McIntire on Aug 30, 2016   5 out of 5

I felt like a kid at Christmas, excited and nervous. I reached in the box and pulled out 1 item at a time with my eyes closed... I discovered 3 kissing cranes, 2 keychain knives, 2 Kriegar assist open, damascus blade ulu, and an airsoft type skeleton mask - lots of fun, enough to share. Well over $100 retail !

Ok Reviewed by on Aug 30, 2016   2 out of 5

I got three kissing crane knives, two little Keychain knives, an air soft mask I will never use, a rainbow pocket knife, and a Damascus ulu that I don't have a use for.

Ecstatic Reviewed by on May 03, 2016   5 out of 5

I took the gamble on the $49.99 surprise bag after being pleased with the $26.99 option. This grab bag FAR exceeded my expectations. I feel like I was very lucky. I received 3 novelty folders, one that looked like a revolver, one that looked like a German WWII grenade, and one that looked like a blunder buss. All three were very small but they seemed like bonuses they threw in to sweeten the deal. I got a neat leather wine bota, so I can pretend to be Robert Baratheon on his final hunt. I got a cool little United Cutlery secret agent stinger II dagger with a shoulder harness. I also received a really cool decorative tomahawk peace pipe which actually looks very usable...for tobacco of course. I would have honestly been almost content if it ended there. The piece that made my JAW DROP was a buffalo bone handled DAMASCUS STEEL Timber wolf dagger with leather sheath. I am not talking a cute little dagger. This thing is about a foot long with a blade slightly over 6". It feels very sturdy, robust, and very usable. It is also absolutely beautiful. I would have paid more than the grab bag costs just for this knife. It also shows the fun of these grab bags, because I like Timber Wolf and had no idea this knife existed. Well done BUDK. I already ordered my second $50 grab bag...the SAME DAY I received this one.

Awesome Reviewed by on Apr 11, 2016   5 out of 5

This was a really good deal. I loved it and I got a lot of knives. One of my kissing crane knives was faded a little bit, but it was overall a good purchase

Fun surprises at a great price Reviewed by on Mar 26, 2016   5 out of 5

Just got my mystery bag in today had several great knives best ones were two Timberwolves and one timber rattler Bowie knife. Definitely worth the price and a great way for new collectors to start out or those that don't have much money to spare!

Lot's of Knives Reviewed by michael blucher on Mar 02, 2016   4 out of 5

There are a lot of knives with a lot or repeats. The standout is the timber wolf knife.I have been giving away several knive that I have alread

Dawg nag-it Reviewed by on Mar 02, 2016   5 out of 5

I was so excited to get my mystery bag, I guess that not knowing is what made it exciting, but when I received it, it was a disappointment, I have to say value wise it was at or over the $100 mark, but that was mostly made up by the 2 Kissing Crane knives, I'm jus not into them, just didn't receive anything of interest!!!! I did return, I thank BudK for being a man of their word!!!! Thanks a dedicated buyer!!!

Awesome Reviewed by on Feb 19, 2016   5 out of 5

Got 7 great knives one big bowie,kissing crane,mtech,case&son and sheath great deal might do it again

Lots of Knives Reviewed by on Dec 07, 2015   3 out of 5

There were a lot of black legion products which I have a lot of already. There are c couple items which were different like a Ridge runner knife and tool set in a good size foldable nylon bag and there was a good bowie knife. The only non bladed item was a ranger pacecounter. It would have been 2 stars if it were not for the bowie!

Mine was sweet Reviewed by Anthony Patterson on Dec 04, 2015   5 out of 5

I got the grab bag to help with Christmas shopping and I was not disappointed in the least, I got a field cleaning kit, a Kit Rae throwing axe a really nice survival knife and a Black Legion knife with a bottle opener on the back and green skulls all over (keeping this for myself) among other things. I am crazy happy with my purchase, this is a sweet deal.

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