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EPIC. Reviewed by Avery Thomas on Aug 30, 2017   5 out of 5

More surprised than I thought. Got the coon skinner, timberwolf, Surviver, Kissingcrane, and emergency fishing set, I also got the white-tail bow hunting guide, right before season opens! If you have not bought one get it now!

Thumbs up Reviewed by Robert Muders on Aug 19, 2017   5 out of 5

Haven't gotten one of these in a while, but thought it was time for another one. Was happy I did. Not going to give away the list of what I got this time, but well worth ordering. A mix of knives and outdoor/survival gear. Now I have to try to keep from ordering another one right away.

Meh...Yet again. Reviewed by on Mar 31, 2017   3 out of 5

So, the last review I wrote was for one of the $25 Surprise Bags. It was mediocre at best, with the only two good items being a trucker cap and gold-finish assisted opener. (Which, as it turns out, isn't exactly easy to open.) Mediocrity strikes twice, because this $50 one is less than thrilling as well. I'm not sure what happened somewhere along the way, but the quality of the surprise bags has gone downhill quickly. In this more expensive bag, two of the items were duplicates of what I got in the $25 one. Crazy! Anywho, listed below are the items; starting with the duplicates first. - A Kissing Crane Christmas trapper pocket knife...from 2015. Item KC5345, priced at $22.99 but obviously discontinued because of the year. I now have FOUR of these stupid things. KC makes some quality knives at good prices, and the holiday editions do look cool, but this is ridiculous. - A coon skinner caping knife and sheath. Item 17 BK1985, $4.98. Again, absolutely no use for this, so it's another giveaway to one of my friends who's into hunting. Now, the new items. - A pack of 20 camo face wipes. Item BK2985, $1.99. Not into camo makeup, paintball, etc., but they'll do in a pinch if I need to clean something. - A Kriegar Gentlemans Assisted Opener with a gold and black design. Item KG159, $14.99. Beautiful piece with some good weight to it. Certainly a keeper. - Lastly, and the best of the bunch, a United Cutlery Honshu karambit. Item UC3131, $39.99. Gotta love a nice karambit, and this one is beautiful. The only other one I own is the green and black M48 Apocalypse model (UC2951, currently $24.98 but I got it for $10 cheaper on a Steal of the Day), and it's nice to have another. All told, a value of $84.94 by BudK prices. Not bad considering it only costing $25, but the only items that "wowed" me were the Kriegar and the karambit. I think it'll be a while before I buy another Surprise Bag. C'mon, BudK. Get back to the days of awesome bags!

Awesome box Reviewed by on Jan 26, 2017   5 out of 5

I got a Honshu combat knife valued at 39.99 a master USA pocket knife valued at 9.99 a Vietnam rememberance pocket watch valued at 9.99 and a kissing crane trapper from Christmas 2015 valued at 22.99 overall a great great deal!!!

Ok Reviewed by jose muñoa pola on Dec 15, 2016   2 out of 5

I got a kriegar (kg116), a howling wolf folder (bk2827), a morakniv (Ir11746) and a rosewood damascus ulu (bk2559)

bummed Reviewed by on Sep 02, 2016   2 out of 5

I'm pretty bummed about my bag, I had read a ton of reviews and even the bad ones they had gotten at least one useful knife, one that i really liked and that could possibly be a new edc. I had only gotten two actual knives and they were both novelty type knives, then the other "knife," which is actually kind of cool, but not really a knife, ill explain in a second and the other stuff I have no clue what it would be used for. Here's an entire list of the contents of the bag starting with the non-knife items: the first item i pulled out was a cheap plastic face mask molded in the shape of a skull, the next item were brass knuckles with spikes at the top, kinda cool i guess but won't ever be using them, then the last non-bladed item is an emergency sewing kit, I'm not sure i'll ever be in an emergency situation where I'm like "shit man, I seriously need to sew this ASAP, oh phew glad i have this." Now for the knives: the first on i unboxed was a gold colored masters collection knife with good weight to it, this one would actually be a pretty cool knife if it weren't for the two plastic spiders on either side of the blade and the plastic skull glued to the handle or the spiderweb design engraved over the entire knife, then i unboxed a kissing crane christmas themed pocket knife in september? good quality knife, not very aesthetically pleasing, then the last bladed item i actually kind of like, its a krieger foldable razor, the white one with black design, the blade was not razor sharp on arrival but after some sharpening it could probably work to shave with, then of course there are two extremely small keychain sized knives. I'm not mad at budk, i love the company and have a few orders previously with them, and I know what i paid for, its a mystery bag with random shit in it, they clearly state that. I'm just kind of bummed that i happened to be one of the unlucky few that got a lame bag. I will probably try again one day.

Bit Of A Dud Reviewed by michael blucher on Aug 09, 2016   2 out of 5

This is the first surprise bag that I did not find anything useful. There was a skull airsoft mask, a m48 ops looks like a pistol holster of some type not on budk 's web site, a kriegar rainbow titanium knife and a kissing crane merry Christmas knife

Great! Reviewed by on Aug 05, 2016   5 out of 5

I got two kissing crane knives, a throwing axe, a watch, and a random box of 24 knives!! They all added up to be around $130

ok.. Reviewed by on May 10, 2016   3 out of 5

Got a bullet knife, grenade knife, tiny key chain knife, kissing crane Christmas knife Sells on eBay for 30$, and a timber rattler bowie knife sheath is garbage sells on budk for 20$. Just from the two items I priced out, I got my 50$ worth. all of the stuff is junk though. except for the kissing crane knife. So as described. the guy at the border was startled when he saw the bullet knife.

??? Reviewed by Robert Gendreau on Apr 09, 2016   5 out of 5

Ok. Tried my luck. Ok knives. I really like the kissing crane. All knives together are valued at least 50 bucks. BUT... I also got a large black plastic bowl. What is that? A cereal bowl? Lol

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