Classic Viking Long Sword and Scabbard
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  • Modeled after traditional Viking swords
  • Sharp 29" 440 stainless steel blade
  • Brown suede wrapped handle
  • Includes coordinating scabbard
  • Overall length: 36 1/4"

This historical recreation is modeled after the traditional battle swords wielded by the hordes of Viking invaders that pillaged Europe in the Dark and Middle Ages. This sword features a wide 29" blade crafted from 440 stainless steel. The handle offers cast metal pommel and guard along with a brown suede leather wrapped handle. This sword includes a coordinating sheath and measures 36 1/4" overall. This item is a worthy addition to any sword collection!

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.25 out of 5
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Viking Sword Reviewed by CG on Nov 14, 2014   5 out of 5

Personally, I like this sword. The balance is very good, the blade is thick and straight, and the sheath is fine. For someone who is not planning on invading Britain anytime soon, I'm happy with it. After all, what else can you do with any of these historically inspired swords but display and enjoy them?

A sword in need of help Reviewed by Turbotortoise on Aug 21, 2013   2 out of 5

The good thing is that the blade is 440 stainless and reacts similar to a real Viking blade; if used with that fighting style it'll hold up, beyond that it has many problems. It is not full tang so don't try power strikes. The handle and sheath are wrapped bamboo so be careful. The leather work is of very low skill level (my 10 year old grandson dose better work and he learned last year). The antique finish on the guard, pummel, and sheath cuffs makes it look toyish and the upper two sheath cuffs are riveted to a negative cross style. The blade edge looks like it was filed with a flat wood rasp, it took several hours to grind the serrations down, it'll take several hours more for a presentable edge. The filler groove is of very poor quality and seems to be made with a stamp for a 6" or 8" knife. I'll fix it up and make a new sheath for it to hang on the wall. I expected for the price a sword that would be at least comparable to "Chaos", the sword I have been using for years and only paid $30 for and added a little love. For the price it should be either full-tang or presentable enough to display on the main room wall.

Not just for display Reviewed by Jacob on Apr 20, 2013   4 out of 5

A great buy for the cost! I've had it about a year now. The Blade: It is in fact 440 stainless steel although it is Chinese made. The factory edge was a diamond cut, but it didn't take much work to resharpen to a nice convex razor edge. (I use a 1 inch belt sander with ascending grits) being 440 the edge holds decently. Hilt to pommel: The "brown suede leather" is actually cheap fabric, so I immediately re-wrapped the handle with some nice veg tanned leather. The hilt and pommel are both cast metal, with a nice brass finish, and the pommel is held in place buy a hex screw. Sheath: Its made of cheap wood and more of that fabric, but it does its job, I haven't gotten around to replacing it with something of a higher quality. Useage: Its great for display certainly but it didn't hold up quite so well in practice. The edge held well with minor chipping when it strikes metal, but as I hit the practice dummy the pommel began to unscrew. Tightening it only served to crack and splinter the wooden handle. After about 20 minutes the threaded rod that the pommel is screwed to, broke, where it was welded to the tang. I've welded reinforcements to the tang and used a quality hard wood for the handle, haven't had any problems since.

Odin would be proud Reviewed by Badgerking777 on Mar 19, 2012   5 out of 5

This is an excellent sword. It is worth it's price. The ONLY problem I have is that it sort of clangs around in the sheath if not careful with it. The ACTUAL blade is very nice. sharp, pointy. Good for cutting and stabbing like all swords should be. It has a nice shine to it, the handle is nice and comfortable in the hand. Unfortunately will not let me give it 10 stars, because if I could give it 10 stars I would. This was a great buy.

pro/con Reviewed by jonathan G on Feb 06, 2012   4 out of 5

Personally I had only three problems with this sword. 1. I had to re-glue the pleather cover on the scabbard and the ends of the hilt wrap. 2. The scabbard is worth only the price of the brass fittings. Its just faux suede over thin plastic over 1/16" thick pine. 3. The balance is blade heavy. other than that this sword is perfect for the money. Stainless steel = no maintenance, heavy enough for weight training, enough of a tang so its not going to snap at the hilt, or even inside the hilt. The pommel nut is recessed so you can't see it unless you look straight at it, and sturdy enough to move it fairly fast also, it comes dull enough to work some fairly speedy solo maneuvers without fear of cutting yourself using only minimal protection. Great sword. I will defiantly buy from budk again.

Great as a display piece Reviewed by DBirkP on Apr 26, 2010   4 out of 5

For the price, it has it all. I have no complaints. If you're expecting anything more that a wall hanger, forget it. Very nice fit and finish. My blade has a bend in it. (much as a saber would, just not intentional, and only a small amount) It appears straight unless you look down the blade. Nice polish on the blade. Fuller is a bit irregular. Blade is 3/4 of the way sharp, but not fully sharp. Scabbard fits very nicely. The simulated leather on the handle and scabbard is attractive and fine if you are using for display only. Otherwise, they may fall a bit short of functional.

Awesome display Reviewed by Josef on Aug 19, 2009   5 out of 5

Bought this sword some time ago, has impressed everyone who's seen or held it! **again, this is a display sword, not for use... the blade itself is slightly bend and does need to be polished from the factory (at least mine did) Looks beautiful, as a display definitely worth my 50 bucks!

great and cheap! Reviewed by Mitcell on Jul 06, 2009   4 out of 5

its a great display sword and everybody has to touch it and look at it.

So-So Reviewed by Jack Blunt on Apr 23, 2009   3 out of 5

The sword has a hex nut in the pommel that ruins the look. The blade is sharpened which is a bummer. The blade also has a very narrow fuller and the end is too pointy for a Viking blade. The handle is just fake suede wrapped and pinned in place. The sheath is covered in brown rubber based foam fake leather. You get what you pay for. It does come apart nicely for releathering the grip and sheath and will suffice as a dress sword.

great Reviewed by Kyle J on Mar 07, 2009   5 out of 5

my buddy has one of these swords and it's AMAZING!!! im actually thinking about getting myself one

1 - 10 of 12 Reviews (View All)