Night Watchman Sword Cane


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We have premium stainless steel and T10 steel swords with razor-sharp blades and beautiful, hand-forged Damascus steel swords that are museum quality – to name a few. takes its inventory of swords very seriously and only offers the highest quality products, consistently maintaining a standard of excellence that is unrivaled. Broadswords, sword canes, Ninja swords and historical war swords – we have them all! To learn more about these enduring weapons, read our Brief History of Swords page.


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Top Customer Reviews

  • Edvard
    Almost perfect right out of the Box~!

    Straight blade, no waves, reasonably sharp blade for shipping purposes, well packaged, delivered early, well balanced, nice sheath, good grip. I am always surprised by the quality that BudK provides for a fair price. I'm no wunderkind when it comes to blades but I like better than average quality, and BudK's got it. Try one, you'll like it~!

    Review of: Honshu Boshin Wakizashi
  • Anonymous

    I personally did not like sword canes until my wife got this. I must say that the design and feel are much more than I thought a sword cane could offer. I'm a larger person and the cane is comfortable in use and the blade is solid as well. Well done.

    Review of: Night Watchman Sword Cane
  • Richard
    Quality of Product

    This Blade is Exceptional, as is all Honshu blades, well made. I have several Honshu knives, swords, machetes, weapons... I will continue to buy these particular blades because of their Quality, Durability, Design, Look, Feel.

    Review of: Honshu Spartan Sword
  • Jordan
    What a beautiful steal

    This sword is absolutely gorgeous! Everything externally is perfect and pretty and the blade and more so. Paper cutting sharp as well. Amazing sword especially for the price. First Shinwa product and definitely not disappointed. Thanks Shinwa and BudK!

    Review of: Shinwa Black Knight Handmade Katana
  • sean
    Brilliant Sword

    Packaging & Presentation Good Fit & Polish Great Amazing piece of steel! This is another brilliant tool disguised as a sword. This wakizashi sword feels outstanding in your hand. It is so light weight and well balanced it is easy to spin, wield, and slice! As opposed to other chopping swords this wakizashi is a bit more fine tuned. This is a work of art and is capable of all the slashing and cutting you want to do. It just feels good to practice with as it just melts into your hand and becomes an extension of your arm. Well done! Nice scabbard, heavy duty, strong, and capable.

    Review of: Black Ronin Tan Combat Wakizashi Sword
  • Anonymous

    I bought this as a Christmas present for my boyfriend and I can honestly say I was super impressed. To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first when purchasing because I was worried about the quality. The sword is absolutely beautiful and is extremely high quality. The wooden plaque that comes with it really adds to the elegance of the sword. I couldn’t find one flaw on the whole thing because it was so well made. I would highly recommend getting this if you are looking to collect because it is worth every penny spent.

    Review of: United Cutlery Lord of the Rings LOTR Anduril Sword of King Elessar
  • Larz
    USMC Desert ops gladius sword

    Quick delivery. Well made gladius sword. It came sharpened with a deadly tip. Well balanced with a good grip on the handle. Very pleased with my purchase.

    Review of: USMC Desert Ops Gladius Sword
  • Anonymous
    Excellent weapon

    This sword came much sharper than I expected, and is extremely tough. I was actually able to cleave another sword clean in half without it so much as scratching the paint. I highly recommend this weapon.

    Review of: Combat Commander Modern Tactical Spartan Sword