Shinwa Dragon Lord Damascus Samurai Katana Sword
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  • 28 1/2" Double edged Damascus steel blade
  • Traditional Katana wrap of genuine ray skin, nylon cordage
  • Intricately detailed metal menuki and tsuba
  • Powerful full-tang construction
  • 41 1/4" overall length

Shinwa swords have a quality standard like no other and you won't find a more functional or beautiful katana at this price! This sword measures 41 1/4" overall and features a 28 1/2" heat-forged double-edged Damascus steel blade that has been folded to create more than 2,000 layers to perform with razor-sharp edges on both sides. The blade offers a heavy blood groove in the traditional katana design. The handle offers genuine ray skin with a nylon cord wrap, a cast metal menuki and tsuba.

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 3.95 out of 5
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Martial Artist Reviewed by on Jul 01, 2017   4 out of 5

This is a very well made sword for the price. I placed the cardboard box it came in up with no support and sliced right through the whole thing. I can tell from the weight and feel of the sword it's not a cheep show sword, but it's not a battle ready sword either. For the price I payed I give it a thumbs up. I could not find this style sword for sale anywhere on the internet. I did find one flaw with mine. The blade doesn't line up completely straight with the handle, now the average person most likely cant tell but I have handled many weapons. It may only be a few degrees but again I'm just pointing it out, not complaining. For a sword under $450 you have no right to point out the little imperfections. All the bad reviews on this sword are from people who treat this sword like it's a $500 sword. I've been a weapons specialist for the majority of my life and for the money this is a good purchase. I might even buy another one just to see if it is lined up with the handle 100%. Remember if you want to complain about craftsmanship you need to spend at least $300.

a real smiths rev. Reviewed by on Aug 05, 2015   5 out of 5

I got this blade form budk and I must say its awesome for the price. needs more tang.

pretty good Reviewed by Tiffany Thompson on Jul 29, 2015   3 out of 5

well im her husband lol js.. I got this beautiful peace of art, when I did my tests it mostly was successful. I got cleanly through milk jugs, bottles, ex. But unfortunately the Damascus well, it is just a coating over the blade. I struck a peace of wood to see if there was any sort of warping, and it held strong, but the blade did have a bit of scratches over the surface that showed me it wasn't true Damascus. disappointment of course but I am very happy with the easy buy. if you're looking for a battle ready sward make sure its 1060 carbon, or true Damascus. thank you

Very Nice Sword Reviewed by Daniel Moore on Jan 13, 2015   4 out of 5

A very nice sword in the Chinese/Korean tradition. I would not call it a Katana but that is a minor point. The display box is nice to look at but not the strongest. You pay for what you get. The blade is nice and just sharp enough for this design. It only has one peg rather than two that is found on most full-tanged Katana like swords. The Damascus steel look is well done on the blade. Great balance. Fits the scabbard firmly with no rattle.

Impressed Reviewed by Ray on Dec 24, 2014   5 out of 5

just got mine and I'm very happy with what I have. I've read the reviews both good and bad and after receiving mine I must agree with all in favor of this blade. it's well made and very sturdy. While this sword is not actually a true katana, I'm very happy with it and will recommend Shinwa products to anyone looking for a good blade

Do not Believe the bad Reviews Reviewed by Andrew on Jun 09, 2014   5 out of 5

Was on the ropes about this with all of the bad reviews, Bit the bullet and could not be happier with my purchase. Sword looked great out of the box, small amount of wax on the blade from the scabbard. Blade was not razor sharp out of the box, but it was decent. I hit the blade with my stone for no more than 5 min, filled a milk jug and headed outside. Was able to pierce the jug with a one handed thrust that did not move the jug. Lined up for my slash and it cut the jug cleanly in half again with out moving the jug. I would recommend this sword to anyone and i plan on picking up another Shinwa sword. Take the other reviews with a grain of salt, i suspect the people who have had trouble with shinwa products are fans of the Walking Dead and out swinging this weapon like a baseball bat.

fraud Reviewed by John on Mar 31, 2014   1 out of 5

It arrived and looked good. after further inspection, I noticed it only had one pin in the handle. In the description it stated full tang. I removed the pin to notice not even a rat tail. looks like the blade was glued to the handle. took a flash light to the pin hole, no sign of tang. couldn't even take it apart to post pictures. sending it back. buyers beware.

What a Shame Reviewed by Daniel Voges on Mar 18, 2014   5 out of 5

I think it's a terrible shame that so many will write reviews about swords when they have no training and know nothing about swords. I've sold many of the Shinwa Dragon Lord and I have one that I use often and have been using it for several years, the Dragon Lord is one of the finest double edge swords I have ever used, unlike most swords this sword is very well balanced, which is somewhat unusual, I do repair and customizing, I see very few swords that are perfectly balanced. I hope everyone understands that the vast majority of sword reviews all over the web are written by those with no sword skills. Thank you. Daniel of Nebraska.

Looks great but.... Reviewed by Krueger on Jan 31, 2014   2 out of 5

Ecstatic when unboxing and initially handling and wielding. Looks great, unique, very light weight but still an amazing feel in the hands. The second durability test (first being a milk jug with water) was a nail half into a post. It cut the head off exactly where I wanted but left about a 1/4" press in the blade. My four months of blacksmithing have my works at being far more capable. A beautiful work and feel but a disappointment none the less. Into the scabbard(which had large amounts of white waxy substance that rubbed onto the blade and left streaks, but once again looked beautiful!) for display it goes...

Not battle ready. Reviewed by James on Sep 23, 2013   2 out of 5

Beautiful looking sword. I like a sword that sits firmly in the scabbard like this one. Sharpness was ok and the Damascus layers are very pleasing to the eye, but not made for cutting. IMHO it's a display only sword. I made 2 cuts through a cardboard mailing tube, and the blade bent. I was horrified. I took a risk, and got what I paid for. It'll probably never leave the scabbard again. I like to have usable swords that will at least cut a cardboard tube, like my Cold Steel, or CAS Hanwei.

1 - 10 of 19 Reviews (View All)