Night Watchman Heavy Duty SK5 Steel Sword Cane
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  • Perfect for walking stability and self defense
  • Concealed 25" SK5 carbon steel blade
  • Hard-coated aluminum shaft
  • Fiber filled nylon handle
  • Removable rubber toe
  • Overall length: 39"

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You can always count on the Night Watchman Heavy Duty Sword Cane, whether it's to assist you in walking or as an extra measure of self defense. This inconspicuous cane conceals a razor sharp 25" SK5 carbon steel blade that is poised and ready to defend you at a moment's notice. The formidable blade is housed inside a black, hard-coated aluminum shaft that can even be used as a striking weapon during a surprise attack. The handle is molded from sturdy fiber filled nylon for a secure grip, and a rubber toe keeps the cane from slipping. If you're a sword collector, or just need some additional peace of mind, this is the sword cane for you!

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.92 out of 5
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outstanding Reviewed by on Nov 12, 2017   5 out of 5

I love it . I will use it as a cane its very solid. as far as the o rings they are tight and i think they are metric. but that is what silicone is for, not oil. the blade was not as sharp as i was hoping for but that is easy to fix. overall i love it blade is straight,solid and very usable right out of the box.... very happy

Excellent Reviewed by Stephen Dye on Oct 11, 2017   5 out of 5

The nightwatchman sk5 cane is awesome! Very sharp blade. Super heavy duty. Only retains by sliding into shaft. Wish it had a retainer of some sort. But when I say heavy duty, I mean heavy period. Far better than expected though

Fantastic Product! Reviewed by Jack Arnold on Oct 07, 2017   5 out of 5

I received my SK5 yesterday and i'm Well Pleased in the Construction and Usability of the product. I also appreciate the Care Instructions and Catalogs included and the Quick Shipping. As others have stated I am also gonna' have to alter the Length by 2 3/4" to fit my gate. I'm also gonna' drill a small hole into the back of the handle to add a Wrist Strap of some type. I'm 5' 9" tall and weigh 220 lbs. and it's the Sturdiest cane i've ever handled. I'm disabled due to falling through a building and suffering multiple life altering permanant injuries in 1986 and now I need a Good Dependable cane for assistance. And since alot of times in this day & age Elderly and Handicapped people are the targets of attackers it's a Bonus to know you have a little something Extra to Help Defend Yourself.

Right on the mark Reviewed by on Sep 22, 2017   5 out of 5

The sk5 sword cane came today,solid,sturdy and sharp.I was worried about fit and finish, fits like glove; pulls out of sheath well and fits back solid.Great product,holds my big butt up. Lol

Great product Reviewed by on Jul 20, 2017   5 out of 5

Received mine today. Very pleased. Solid construction. Good looking blade with an edge (not razor sharp, but not a butter knife edge like some have said). No blade rattle. Good handle shape. Like I said, I'm pleased. One surprise - the shaft is larger in diameter than I thought it would be. Not a problem, just a surprise. One question - why is the rubber tip glued on? For some of us, replacing the tip is going to be a "first thing to do" action, and a glued on tip is irritating. Also pleased that blade care instructions are included. Don't feel that I need them, but pleased with the thoughtfulness.

Night Watchman sword cane Reviewed by on Apr 15, 2017   4 out of 5

I purchased the Night Watchman sword cane. It is a beautiful cane with a wickedly sharp blade. I found this out while coating the blade. Cut my thumb. Baptized my cane with a little blood. I own one of the Cold Steel canes. The blade and shaft are a good deal heavier with the Cold Steel sword cane but the Night Watchman is made of a better grade of steel. From what I understand the latest generation of cold steel sword canes are made of stainless steel. Not the most durable material for a sword. I'm a martial art master with sixty years in the arts. I head an international organization and I use my sword canes for cutting demos. I need a heavy and durable blade. Likewise approaching seventy years of age I actually need a cane sometime and living in Chicago there is always a possibility that they will have to be deployed for self defense. I feel that this cane will serve better as a thrusting weapon than one for cutting especially in the winter months when an assailant will probably be heavily clothed. Still this is a beautiful and beautiful defense tool. I would certainly recommend it to my student and the members of my organization.

Great unit Reviewed by Jon Bradfield on Apr 11, 2017   5 out of 5

I received the Night Watchman this morning and took it to a commercial mandrel bending company. After telling them of the sword cane's construction, they bobbed the cane and it was 5/8" longer than the sword inside. I replaced the slippery hard rubber tip with a 1" diameter Walker/Commode tip ($6.79 for four tips from Walgreens).These should last a long, long time. I love this sword cane and will be putting more of the original buffer inside the shaft to keep the blade from battering against the inside of the shaft/scabbard. If you keep the neoprene "O" rings lubricated and put WD40 or light machine oil/ gun oil/ Rem-oil on the blade, you can prevent rusting and pitting. (This is the equivalent of 1080 Carbon Steel and it should be treated as such. Maintenance is key. This is a fine Chinese steel blade. Treat it with respect and it should last for many years.

Can be height adjusted Reviewed by on Mar 08, 2017   5 out of 5

I have all of the praise for the night watchman and only one of the complaints, which is the plastic foot on the bottom of it. However that was easily remedied along with being able to adjust the height of the cane. BudK customer service said it cannot be shortened but they are not correct. I needed to shorted it by 1.5 inches to be at the proper therapeutic height for me (I'm 5'9"...). While you cannot shorten it from the top because there's a recess there to except the sword, you can cut the bottom of the cane off with a pipe cutter, just above the plastic foot. The sword does not go all the way down to the bottom so here's about 5 inches to work with (measure before you cut!) For once that is cut off you will find a Styrofoam/rubber type of piece that keeps the sword from rattling. Shorten it with scissors by the same amount you shortened the aluminum Shaft. I replaced the plastic foot with a smaller but grippier rubber crutch foot and it's perfect now.

Oh Yeah ...... Reviewed by James Minor on Jan 06, 2017   5 out of 5

This is the Cane to have without a doubt. This product is a quality made tool to protect and assist. Enough said

Functional Walking Cane Reviewed by Thomas Berryman Jr on Nov 30, 2016   5 out of 5

I require the use of a cane to help me walk. Up til a day ago I was using a fold up cane that's supposed to stand on its own and wasn't exactly cheap. I got this because most other canes don't support weights over 250lbs. I weigh about 285lbs and the Night Watchman handles it without any issues. The hidden blade is easy to deploy and is pretty darn sharp and durable. The aluminum shaft is solid and gives the cane that extra heft. My only suggestion would be a better stopper on the base of the cane. It's a very hard rubber which if angled wrong will slip. I definitely would encourage others to buy this if cane functionality is needed as it certainly works as intended. The suction truly keeps the blade hidden until you decide to pull it out. Also I was concerned that the blade would clang around inside the shaft but unless you're trying to get it to make noise it stays quiet. No one will ever know you're carrying a sword!! Perfect function as a cane too!!

1 - 10 of 13 Reviews (View All)