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In the world of concealed weaponry, it doesn’t get more classic than a sword cane. proudly stocks functional sword canes in decorative and practical styles. Whether you’re looking for a skull cane sword, an antique blade or even a dragon-inspired weapon, our selection of blades promises to satisfy at a price you can afford.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Chad Mcdonough (Glendale OR) - chadman91

    It is always my favorite sword cane and of course the red painting eyes are okay although red is my favorite color.

    Review of: Fighting Dragon Ninja Sword Cane
  • Mike (Minnesota) - AMAZING!

    This is one of my best parts of my collection ever! really tough well built and made for really heavy duty use. I chopped a pineapple clean in two! no shaprepening i think this is a great bbuy for ametuers or long time users its cheap ready for use and built well

    Review of: Twin Ninja Sword Set
  • Darryl Bradley (Phila. PA) - Love this sword cane!

    I am very pleased with this cane. As someone said before, it is very sturdy and it looks fantastic all in black. A big plus!! Only downside is that it isn't very sharp out of the box. I plan 2 rememy that ASAP. Planning on another one.

    Review of: Black Traveler Wood Handle Sword Cane
  • Dan (Virginia) - Gil Hibben

    Very stylish and extremely well built. Don't waste your money on the 20.00 sword canes. This is functional as both a cane and a defensive weapon

    Review of: Gil Hibben Custom Self Defense Sword Cane
  • Brian (Chicago) - Unbelievably cool

    First off its designed by Kit Rae so quality is assured. I've been using this cane for some time now and it is a very sturdy well made cane. The blade is razor sharp right out of the box and its damascus so it looks phenomenal. i would definitely recommend this one for anyone looking for a cane with a little attitude and or self defense ability.

    Review of: Kit Rae Axios Damascus Sword Cane