Shinwa Giant Odachi Hand-Forged Black Damascus Sword With Laquered Scabbard - 2,000 Layers, Genuine Rayskin - 60" Length
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  • 36" black Damascus steel blade
  • Genuine ray skin and nylon wrapped handle
  • Matching hardwood scabbard with cord wrapping
  • Powerful full-tang construction
  • Overall length: 60"

This Shinwa Black Damascus Odachi was crafted by the expert craftsmen of Shinwa, who are renowned for their hand-forged cutlery masterpieces. This blade was forged at more than 1,000 degrees and folded to deliver over 2,000 layers of beautiful Damascus steel. This item also offers a solid hardwood handle that is covered in genuine ray skin with black nylon cord wrapping and a cast metal tsuba.

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Beast!! Reviewed by on Aug 24, 2016   5 out of 5

this sword is just..MONSTROUS.I,m speechless of this swords beauty yet scared straight impression this makes.Btw Shinwa uses a black finish to just make the damascus pattern more noticable and if the finish wears off you can still see the pattern with a special LED flashlight.The damascus is real on all their swords its just they use a finish dye to make it noticable without an extremely bright LED light just to make things clear.Oh and I Prefer this over the 1045 Odachi it just has a distinctive feel to and I'd say I think Shinwa beat Musashi in the Odach class id proudly say

semimanufactured material Reviewed by Yuriy on Mar 05, 2015   1 out of 5

Disgusting. The conventional steel, the pattern of the Damascus erased. Quality arm miserable. Only after replacing the handle on the smaller, can be used. Or as a decorative element.

You get what you pay for Reviewed by C.M. Writings on Feb 13, 2015   3 out of 5

I look at the sword and I wonder whether this is truly a damascus blade. The pattern on the blade looks awesome but it does looks like the pattern could be rubbed off. Maybe that is just from the high gloss on the blade. The point of the blade is very soft and can be bent quite easily. Of course this is typical of swords under $200.00. The sword is light weight and well balanced. Despite the fact the sword is five feet long, I am able to move quite fast with it. I would not call this a battle ready sword but it can be used for demonstrations and some light cutting. And, the sword displays quite nicely.

Shinwa Odachi Black Sword Damascus Reviewed by John on Jul 18, 2014   5 out of 5

This is a very beautiful sword of amazing quality for the price. I have two other odachi swords. Yes, they are both longer swords and a bit cheaper. However, they are toys, merely display pieces compared to this shinwa odachi. No Comparison!! The next time I buy a sword. It WILL be a shinwa. Special shout out to budk for the SUPER FAST delivery. All but overnight service for the normal price! Thank Thank you!

Are You Kidding Me! Reviewed by Thunderdog on Sep 25, 2013   5 out of 5

This Sword is a Freaking Monster! The handle is almost as long as my Dark Dragon Katana! This sword is of the Highest Quality, Solid, Straight, and Razor Sharp! This is my second sword of 2 that I got for my Birthday, the other sword is the Dark Dragon Damascus, and they are both awesome! This sword is massive and Deadly, I am so impressed with the sheer size and weight, it's so evenly Balanced and everything is very Tight. This sword is 5 feet long!! The Blade is gorgeous, the folded Damascus steel is beautiful in person, the picture does not do it Justice. It took me a long time to make my choices, I read all the reviews and as far as it being a real sword or real Damascus, or not Battle Ready, unless your Duncan MacLeod from the show "Highlander" I doubt your going to Battle anything other than a pumpkin or a jug filled with Water! However it's nice to know that if you had to take this sword in to Battle, you would be Wielding a most Deadly Weapon and it would do you proud. With Swords of this Quality available to us, the only way I would pay a $1000.00 to $5000.00 for a sword, is if I wanted an original antique Japanese Sword from the 15th century, and then it would sit on a wall for the rest of my life. Buy this sword, the Price is right and BudK is an awesome Company! Thanks BudK!! em>Editor's Note: Thank you for your comments. We have removed a portion of the review which does not comply with our review guidelines.

Good reason to buy Shiwa swords Reviewed by Daniel Voges on Apr 01, 2013   5 out of 5

Shinwa swords are a very excellent and true example of what a sword should be.I have removed the hilt on many Shinwa's to prove to my customers that Shinwa's are full tang and true folded steel,the tangs are coated to protect them from rust,if you brush off some of the coating with lite sand paper you will see the damascus pattern,or look on the spine of the tang to see the cross sections of the folded steel.Now I think many don't really understand what full tang means,all you need to know is the tang runs close to the full lengh of the handle,there might be one peg,or two pegs,you can't judge the lengh of the tang by how many pegs are in the handle.If you want a very good sword and not pay an arm and a leg,then Shinwa swords are a good choice.If you are buying your first sword and you plan on useing the sword,you should start with a Shinwa Regal or a double edge like the Dragon Lord or the Black Dragon,These are swift swords there sharp and are extremelly durable and fine cutting swords.When it comes down to it any Shinwa will be a good sword for you as long as you understand you can't cut down anything with a sword.I'm 55 years old I've been swinging swords since I was 19,I own many swords expensive and not so expensive and I have never seen a perfict sword and for me a sword just needs to be durable everything else come with training and experience.You can't go wrong with a Shinwa sword.Your friend Daniel of Nebraska.

I would carry this sword into h**l! Reviewed by Allen on Mar 23, 2013   4 out of 5

Unlike the reviewer below, I believe this blade to be of actual "Damascus" pattern welded steel, the uniformity of the pattern might lead some to believe that its just acid etched, but I think that its largely machine made, as opposed to fully hand forged. I also don't think BudK would intentionally falsely advertise. The enormous beast is too beautiful to use for test cutting, and as its really more of a pole-arm, I have no real experience with these. It does not handle like a Katana, but in your hands it begs to be drawn and to cut: Its thirsty for the blood of evil doers! I am impressed, and want to order a Damascus Katana to keep it company on my sword rack. For the price, its an outstanding deal.Not to be used indoors....

A professional smith's evaluation Reviewed by Max on Dec 19, 2012   4 out of 5

I recieved this sword as a gift last weekend. Being a swordsmith and classically trained in kendo/kenjutsu, I just HAD to do some thorough checking. I have used and owned original Japanese blades, and have also made them by traditional techniques. Good news: For a commercial piece, it is in fact a very high quality and beautiful piece. It does in fact have the properties of a handforged and properly tempered blade, it's lighter than it looks, and surprisingly well balanced for it's sheer size. Everything is exceptionally well finished and fitted, with none of the typical rattles of most commercial swords. Bad news: It is NOT truly a damuscus blade, nor even folded steel. From what my professional eye can see, it is a chemically produced pattern in the surface of the blade. When I disassembled the sword, the tang shows NO signs of the damascus pattern, and is rough in finish - so much so that it is prudent to wear heavy work gloves lest the ragged corners and edges of the tang tear your skin. The wood of the Hilt was cracked at the back side of the tang, so it can't safely be used to try test cuts or the hilt will split. Overall, I am still VERY impressed, as I plan to make a shorter hilt for it anyway, and while the sword is meant to be a wall hangar, it remains functional enough for practice purposes and perhaps even combat, though admittedly, duels with swords of any type are a thing of the distant past. My own blades are much higher quality, true... but MINE dont sell for less than 4 grand a pop, so this sword is MORE than worth the money.

1 - 8 of 8 Reviews (View All)