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Handcrafted Odachi Swords too good to pass up!

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Used on early Japanese battlefields against mounted soldiers, the monster Odachi Sword looks like a katana on steroids! Coming in at 60” in overall length and above, these swords definitely make an eye-catching statement. carries a selection of handcrafted odachis with blades of both Damascus steel and carbon steel, and with traditional cord-wrapping of different colors. When you are looking for the absolute best in the market, is the only place to be.


  • What’s an odachi sword?
    The odachi sword is an impressively large weapon that was used on early Japanese battlefields against mounted soldiers. These swords usually measure at least 60” in length.
  • What’s a Longquan Master Sword?
    We have a collection of swords that were forged in the city of Longquan, an ancient sword-making area where the swordsmiths use the same forging techniques that were used thousands of years ago.
  • What is the difference between 1045 and 1065 carbon steel that I see on the blades here?
    All types of steel has some percentage of carbon in its makeup. The number designates how much carbon is in the steel. A 1045 means that there is .45% and a 1065 means that there is .65% carbon.