Timber Rattler Sinful Spiked Bowie Knife
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  • Ask forgiveness now and carry this bowie
  • 9 1/2" razor sharp spiked back blade
  • Ergonomic hardwood handle
  • Includes nylon sheath
  • Overall length: 15"

You better ask for forgiveness now, because you're carrying the Sinful Spiked Bowie Knife. The razor sharp 9 1/2" blade has a spiked back. The hardwood handle has a comfortable ergonomic grip, and a nylon sheath is included. It's not just a knife, it's a 15" extension of a bad attitude.

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.26 out of 5
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Awesome Reviewed by James Watkins on Jan 06, 2017   5 out of 5

Sharpest knife I've ever received, out of the box. Thinner than I anticipated. Good, as it is lighter also and I actually plan on carrying this on a job out of state, where bears could be an issue, though unlikely. Will Likely buy again. Jim

THIS KNIFE IS GREAT Reviewed by on Oct 15, 2016   5 out of 5

Okay, So my knife came in the mail today and it was razor sharp. The sheath is decent, but I can see the knife cutting it. Unless you are cutting rocks, you shouldn't need to sharpen it.

Bad looking! Reviewed by Terry Hallett on Aug 16, 2016   4 out of 5

This is a bad looking knife!!! I mean that in the good way. Since it's not full tang, I wouldn't recommend trying to chop down trees with it,but why do some people use a knife to chop down trees anyway?!?! This knife is scary good looking and is very functional. If it were full tang I'd give it five stars. Worth the cost.

Dubious Reviewed by on Jul 29, 2016   5 out of 5

So I'm a collector of functionality and never really considered budk for serious stuff. However I really liked the design of this blade even though it's not my usual MO. When Received it I was very pleasantly surprised. I Actually cut my finger on this blade. It's sharp as hell. Very good for a 12 dollar knife.

China vs Pakistan Reviewed by Matthew Wood on Jun 14, 2016   4 out of 5

Overall, I like the look and shape of this knife. I'm becoming a big Timber Rattler Collector, so I scooped this one up. The positives: Epic size, cool design with the spiked back blade, and good balance. The Cons: This one is made in China as opposed to the usual Pakistan. I never thought I'd write that but after buying many Timber Rattlers that have always been hand made in Pakistan, I find this one lacking just a touch on quality. No brass accents and plain wood scales on the handle. Nylon sheath just doesn't compare to the normal leather one that usually comes with a Timber Rattler. With all that said, I would by this knife again in a heartbeat at the price I paid. Great deals at BUDK with these knives. Very happy overall. I did a short vid on my YouTube channel (TheRealCobraBurnout) showing the knife if your on the fence and want to see it. It won't let me post the link here...

Awesome Reviewed by on Jun 13, 2016   5 out of 5

A well made knife, and extremely well made sheath. It comes with an above average edge and a ridiculously sharp point. Also very visually appealing, looks bad ass. The color of the wood handle is lighter than it appears in the picture and was heavier than expected.

Favourite knife Reviewed by Jason Milne on Mar 19, 2016   5 out of 5

Aesthetically, this is my favourite knife. It looks amazing, it could be sci-fi, it could be fantasy, but it would fit anywhere. Speaking of fitting, the handle is shaped PERFECTLY to my hand, I've never liked a bowie's looks more. Would i take this with me to a tropical deserted island if i had one knife to survive with? Certainly not. But would i pull this out to show my friends if they asked about my knife collection? This one is always last because its the best. well worth the money, id have paid more than double for it certainly. who cares if the spikes on the back aren't sharp and have no real function. this thing just Looks /cool/

Scary! Reviewed by Ivan Duran on Feb 26, 2016   4 out of 5

This knife is AWESOME! Mine came pretty freakin' sharp. The blade it thinner than most Timber Rattler bowies, so it isn't for chopping trees like some other idiot said he did with his. But this would make a scary self defense knife. The only thing I don't like is the finger spacing. It's made for a very large hand. Other than that, great knife.

Great buy Reviewed by on Nov 27, 2015   4 out of 5

I bought this knife a few months back and right now it's just a show piece(due to the blade being on the dull side but after I improve my sharpening I'll be sure to put it to the test) my only issue with it was on its arrival I noticed the the tip was bent to the side which is not that big of a deal but seeing as this was my first purchase from timber rattler left a negative impression, though I'm not holding that against the brand, overall impressed with the knife and will look into buying more from timber

Beautiful Knife Reviewed by Johnny on Apr 25, 2015   5 out of 5

This Bowie is not made for heavy outdoor use like chopping or batoning, BUDK and Timber Rattler have other Bowies for heavy use. This arrived razor sharp with no flaws. This is a display Bowie Bowie or very light use. I love it!

1 - 10 of 54 Products (View All)