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The Ultimate Bowie Knife Selection

Bowie knives began as a large, fighting-style knife with a long, clip point blade and they were used for skinning game, splitting fire wood and cutting rope. Today, these iconic knives perform the very same tasks and offers an assortment of bowie knives built for battle against whatever comes their way! Whether it’s fantasy, collectible or traditional, the feeling of power that holding the hefty handle of a bowie knife gives or the confidence that it is big enough to get the job done, is what makes it a legend.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Kyocera (Traverse City, MI) - WOW!

    Just WOW! This thing is amazing and very large. No problems with this knife, just lots of amazing bowieness. This thing is a beast and definitely has more quality than the price. Recommend for anyone who wants a big knife, or collects bowie knives. Thanks BUDK!

    Review of: United Cutlery Marine Force Recon Night Stalker Bowie Knife

  • GaryGil Hibben Expendables Bowie Knife with Sheath

    This is the sharpest factory edge ive seen. I did the shave test with it and it past. I also found out it cuts flesh very very well too. Dummy me was putting it in the overly tight sheath, my hand slipped and my finger went down the blade. Yipee. But other than the sheath being to tight i love it.

    Review of: Gil Hibben Expendables Bowie Knife with Sheath

  • MG (Joliet, IL) - Quality Classic Bowie Knife

    I purchased two Timber Rattler Bowie Knives and I am extremely pleased with this knife.Quality,polished fit,finish,handle and extremely sharp right out of the shipping box.This knife appears to be too good to use for anything other than to display it for show. The sheath could be made a little bit sturdier but I will give this knife five stars beacause I can't give it six. I am looking forward to receiving the other Timber Rattler Bowie I purchased that is on backorder. I would recommend this knife to anyone that is considering purchasing one. The Timber Rattler Brand Name seems to be excellent quality for purchase price.

    Review of: Timber Rattler Renegade Bowie Knife

  • Pete (Kansas City, MO) - Great Knife

    I recieved the knife last week and it's awesome!! One of the biggest f***ing bowie knives I've ever seen! You could easily use it for a machete if you needed to. If you like big bowie's, this is the one for you, and very reasonably priced.

    Review of: Big Foot Bowie Knife

  • Noah (Madera, CA) - huge but clean and strong knife

    When this knife came I was really surprised how large the knife was!!! But I am pleased with the knife so far... it has a really nice edge on it and it keeps a sharp blade for a long period of time! It is extremely well weighted, and the sheath is made of a really cool looking leather. Over all I would get this knife for anyone who wants a sturdy bowie knife!

    Review of: Timber Rattler Jungle Fury Bowie