Sokojikara Samurai Katana Sword with Hand Carved Scabbard
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  • Hand-forged 1065 high carbon steel blade
  • Traditional Japanese clay temper technique
  • Heavy blood groove adds authenticity
  • Silk-wrapped genuine ray skin handle
  • Ornately designed tsuba & pommel
  • Hand-carved and painted bamboo scabbard
  • Measures 41 3/10" overall in length

Own a sword with a custom-designed look for a fraction of the price with this Sokojikara Hand-Carved Samurai Katana sword. The blade is hand forged of 1065 carbon steel with a drop point and heavy blood groove for authenticity. The blade was designed using the traditional Japanese clay temper technique so that it is as attractive as it is fierce. Ornately designed tsuba and matching pommel contribute an old-world look and feel and just the right amount of elegance. The genuine ray skin handle is carefully wrapped in silk for a superb, samurai-worthy grip. A hand-carved and painted bamboo scabbard is included to house the powerful blade. Includes a certificate of authenticity, silk sword bag, collector's hangtag, reference guide and a cleaning kit.

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Christmas Gift Reviewed by on Dec 28, 2016   5 out of 5

This sword was my christmas gift which now im reviewing. My age of 15 may not be the most percievable of sword wielders but thats not the point.To start the handle is wrapped in very smooth and clean silk, im pretty impressed with this compared to most wrapped in nylon or some cotton so the silk wrap was a pleasant detail and a plus to quality.The Ray skin is indeed real as it feels of a very rough texture rather than more of a rubber smooth feel you would find on faux or imitated Ray skin so thats a plus.Forgot to mention but the silk was wrapped VERY TIGHT, I was very impressed with this ive never seensuch a tight and proper wrap on any sword ive ever wielded ( compared to so called 'el cheapotanas) so that was a pretty nice indicator on the detail put into this sword the wrap aint going ANYWHERE. The mekugi and cast fittings are indeed copper as it indicated on the professionally listed certificate of authenticity it came with along with the tsuba 9 (the ageing finish is very well done so thats not only a plus but a pleasant to the eye).I have not taking this blade apart yet but I garantee it is indeed full tang was you feel the tang vibrate ALL THE WAY UP to the pommel (a very good thing as the tang is supposed to vibrate through the handle as a way to absorb the shock from soft and especially hard impacts).The saya is indeed hand painted as you can tell its not machine pressed painted as I see there are very slight imperfections in the paint job ( a good sign indeed as if were perfect it would indeed be mass pressed painted on like on cheaper swords).The sageo( the belt wrap i think) is VERY TIGHT and well knotted as it is extensively tied and tightened with 8 small knots and 1 large knot.Very well knotted and tied and is indeed silk as well.The saya is hand carved as I can see slight imperfections a human would make.It holds the blade tight enough to whwre i can hold it upside down and shake it a little without it falling it out which is a plus.Now the blade, the very best part.It is 1065 clay tempered carbon steel which not only 1065 is a perfect balance of flexibility further enhanced by the clay tempering,but as well with durability, and sharpness compared to the softer and dull-fast 1045 , to the overly brittle but fine edged 1095 carbon, 1065 is a happy middle with the Japanese clay tempering to be a plus on flexibility.durability,and refinement on reholding a sharp edge, not to mention but 7mm is indeed a pretty hefty blade for this type.the point of balance is like 3-4 inches maybe less but either way its RIDICULESSLY CLOSE the the tsuba the balance is a must see to believe on this sword it feels like an extension of my arm and recovery time is vastly quickened compared to most balances on other swords.I apoligize for this lengthy review but t Ryumon swords are just SO UNDERATED these days and for my extensive research on my swords id say its the best sword value dollar to dollar to any production swords ive seen so I especially recommend this Ryumon dont let the lack of reviews fool you,Ryumon make very fine swords my friend and if your thinking of purchasing a Ryumon DONT HESITATE to click the add to cart button you'll thank me later if you do I hope this review helped(:

1 - 1 of 1 Reviews (View All)