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The Samurai, an aristocratic warrior class in feudal Japan, actually carried two swords as part of their dress. The katana, which was their primary weapon, and the wakizashi, which was a shorter sword used for close quarters combat, were called the Samurai’s “daisho.” has an extensive inventory of both types of Samurai swords and sword sets priced to fit any budget. You’ll find hand-forged swords in Damascus steel and high carbon steel, practice swords in bamboo, polypropylene and natural wood and a variety of display Samurai swords in premium stainless steel. We have the Samurai sword you’re looking for!


  • What types of swords are considered Samurai swords?
    A Samurai carried two swords as part of his dress. The katana was the primary weapon and the wakizashi was a shorter version used for close-quarters combat.
  • What’s a bokken?
    A bokken, which basically translates in Japanese as “wood sword” is a sword used for training in Kenjutsu, which is swordsmanship. Traditionally it was made of a hard wood, but modern bokkens are also made of tough polypropylene.
  • What kind of steels are used for these Samurai swords?
    Our Samurai swords come with a choice of blades crafted of T10 clay-tempered steel, high carbon steel, Damascus steel and stainless steel.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Dave

    I like the sword and recommend it. However I do wish I could get a Japanese sword, one with a slight curve in the blade.

    Review of: Shinwa Purple Knight Ninja Katana Damascus Sword
  • John

    I love the sword its beautifully crafted well balanced and is an excellent showpiece for any collection

    Review of: Black Tiger Full Tang Katana Sword
  • Jarod

    Handle could definitely use some reinforcement, especially around the tang (considering it's quite small for such a large blade) my handle began to split after a few swings (never hit anything with it) but some electrical tape fixed that. overall for the price it's not bad at all it is quite sharp and handles nicely.

    Review of: Forged Warrior Chinese War Sword
  • Daniel of Nebraska

    This sword is a razor blade it's sturdy and strong, the scabbard is slender and smooth a very beautiful sword. With respect, if your going to chop wood with a sword especially a slender bladed sword like a Nodachi you deserve to have a bent blade, remember what swords are designed for.... Soft stuff. Thank you Daniel of Nebraska.

    Review of: Shinwa Maroon Nodachi Damascus Steel Sword
  • Darthvader2011

    Its craftsmanship and appearance are first rate! the work done and effort towards beauty and detail have gone far beyond my expectations! Well done people!

    Review of: Shinwa Purple Knight Ninja Katana Damascus Sword