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The Samurai, an aristocratic warrior class in feudal Japan, used the katana as their primary weapon. These swords were not only great in battle, but also as legendary pieces of art. BUDK.com has an extensive selection of handmade katanas, from 1045 carbon steel blades to premium black Damascus steel blades. We have katanas for style, personality and budget — find yours today.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Johnny H (Farmville, VA) - MUST HAVE

    as a lil hesitant at first and skeptical after I bought It. But once it arived I quickly changed my mind! Beautiful blade and look solid, and heavy. Holding this blade makes you feel like you are a beast! Only wish it was a solid full tang. But a great buy all the same. It is currently sitting on top of my custom display wraped in the sleeve it came with. Though was hoping for the display case and booklet in the featured video. But I can understand why it didn't at the price.

    Review of: Shinwa Black Knight Black Cord Damascus Ninja Katana Sword
  • Darthvader2011 (Perkinsville, Vermont) - An elegant weapon

    Its craftsmanship and appearance are first rate! the work done and effort towards beauty and detail have gone far beyond my expectations! Well done people!

    Review of: Shinwa Purple Knight Ninja Katana Damascus Sword
  • Johnny H (Farmville, Va) - OVERALL GOOD BUY

    Solid, heavy, and well proportioned. Handle is a lil large along with the blade base being a large flaring. Tip isn't as hard of an angle as I like barely a 22 deg angle. But a good all around buy. Still glad I bought it unbeatable for the price. Makes it a easy 5 star, a great solid, cheap priced sword for a collection starter or to let of a lil steam in the woods.

    Review of: Full Tang Ninja Katana Sword
  • DMC (Spanaway WA) - Awsome Sword

    Awesome sword! Looked everywhere for a ninja sword with a square pommel. Seemed like they were always $100 give or take. U can't beat the price of this sword.. AAA++++

    Review of: Black Ninja Sword Set
  • steven m stack (home) - Doragon Damascus Tanto Sword

    The sword is awesome ! It didn't take long to get here and i'm completely satisfied with the product. It comes sharpened . So sharp you can cut anything rite away . Well worth the money and more.

    Review of: Yoru Doragon Forged Damascus Tanto Sword