Shinwa Regal Katana Tan Sword Damascus
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  • 28 1/2" Damascus steel blade
  • Genuine ray skin handle
  • Cast metal menuki and tsuba
  • Includes coordinating hardwood scabbard
  • Made by skilled Western swordsmiths
  • Powerful full-tang construction

Shinwa swords have a quality standard like no other and you won't find a more functional or beautiful katana at this price! This Regal Katana features all the bells and whistles you'd expect and delivers stunning style as well!

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.59 out of 5
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Got it in a mystery bag Reviewed by shaun bersch on Jun 15, 2016   5 out of 5

My came with some defects but I bought it like that, but even with the defects this is still an awesome blade to wield. This is going to be my practice katana. It cuts though almost everything with ease. Blade is super sharp, which is a plus. Most blades aren't this sharp but Shinwa usually makes a quality piece and this is no different.

Stout Blade Reviewed by Gabriel Stufflebean on May 09, 2016   5 out of 5

Works for me.

Great Sword Reviewed by Gregory Rapson Jr on Apr 30, 2016   5 out of 5

Arrived today and I love it. Came with some oxidation on the tsuba but that's not a big deal, great quality sword

Outstanding katana sword!! Reviewed by Michael Treece on Mar 05, 2016   4 out of 5

This sword is a fully functional, well made & a beautiful sword. Good, sharp edge right out of the box. Been a sword collector for many years and this sword is the real deal. Once again, bud K delivers. As a repeat customer of bud K , the deal i got on this purchase was exceptional. Bravo Bud K, & thanks!!

Great Sword. Reviewed by on Feb 12, 2016   4 out of 5

I just received my sword today great delivery time. I'm recommending BudK to many of my friends. The only reason I rated this at 4 stars was the last inch of the sword was literally flat where it should of been sharp. Not sure why. But I will definitely be making further purchases.

Good sword but I was sent the straight Reviewed by Kenneth Bullard on May 06, 2015   4 out of 5

I was very satisfied but the one I was sent was straight blade no complaints on the quality, I requested standard delivery but mine arrived in 2 days with supposedly standard shipping, this was a buy one get one. If you want them for the best price use the bogo deal they run them about every 6 months. First off to all who wish to buy them, you get what you pay for swords such as those you don't use them to hack apart trees if you want to tackle a tree you use an ax or a hatchet or a saw. Swords are meant for combat or use in kata for martial arts don't buy a sword expecting to go out chopping down everything in sight like so much wheat and chaff, I you think your going to cut through trees like your a warrior than your an idiot and wasting your money. Once you get your sword keep a good coat of oil on it, if you can't find sword oil pick up 3 in 1 oil or go to your local grocery store for mineral oil, just a light coating on the blade and wipe on with cloth. Next get some lessons on how to handle a blade and respect it, don't stick the tip of the blade into the earth when you remove it from its scabbard, another is don't try filling up jugs of water and cutting through them as a test for the blade, invest in ballistics gel or a pig carcass, that will simulate actual human flesh for combat, finally these blades are not meant for cutting through another sword or a gun or even a chainsaw you will end up chipping the sword and breaking the chainsaw blade if not offsetting it. Use common sense a blade is a tool for fighting and war but it doesn't make you invincible get some training and don't become too over confident in your small amount of skill with just that one thing a beginner with a sword is easily defeated by the intermediate with a walking stick and there is always someone out there with more skills than you and in the end might take your weapon from you, pick your battles wisely not foolishly. And if you've never fought invest in armor.

Um.. Hi Reviewed by Lucas on Mar 03, 2015   5 out of 5

It's a nice sword, sharp, tight, has a good balance. I tried to cut a 4 frozen pine, put about a 30 degree bend in the blade (I think I hit the tree at a odd angle) but put it in a vice bent it back slowly, good as new the blade didn't break so that's a A+ in my book. Happy with the buy , I would recommend it I beat the heck out of mine, just don't cut your foot off cus it's kinda sharp.

Im Happy Reviewed by D. King on Mar 18, 2014   5 out of 5

Not a bad sword. But I will not hit anything to hard.

Nice Sword Reviewed by James Taylor on Feb 04, 2014   4 out of 5

Very nice sword, well worth the money. A little blade heavy compared to my Japanese Katana, but even with that the balance isn't too bad. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was that the last inch of the tip was unsharpened, other than that it's a good buy it your looking for a good bang around sword.

perfect katana Reviewed by carl on Dec 03, 2013   5 out of 5

I love this sword. I sharpened it a lot, now I can make banana splits the real mans way. If you are thinking about getting this sword get it you will never regret it. it is also sharp out of the box but I just sharpened it more for good measures. when the zombie apocalypse happens I'll help the zombies with my sword since its the best way I know how.

1 - 10 of 22 Products (View All)