Shikoto Rurousha Forged Damascus Katana Sword - Leather Wrapped Handle
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  • Exquisite 30" heat forged Damascus steel blade
  • Japanese character laser etchings on the blade
  • Wooden handle with leather cord wrappings
  • Oversized guard with gleaming brass menuki
  • Handsome coordinating hardwood scabbard
  • Overall length: 41 1/4"

United Cutlery's powerful Black Rurousha Forged Damascus Katana exemplifies the inspiration of traditional samurai katana swords. Each one of these masterpieces features a powerful 30" heat forged Damascus steel blade, folded nine times, yielding 1,792 layers and a kaleidoscope of whirling patterns. The striking Damascus is offset with a gleaming brass menuki and a wooden handle with leather cord wrappings. The Japanese character etchings on the blade translate to "United Strong Steel." Measures 41 1/4" overall.

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.72 out of 5
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Absolutely Magnificent Reviewed by Robert Coats on Jun 19, 2017   5 out of 5

This is the sword of all swords, at least in my opinion. Could not be more pleased, such great craftsmanship.... Not to mention, razor sharp. A true beauty and I would highly recommended it. I waited 4 months and it was worth the wait. A excellent addition to my collection.

Awesome Reviewed by on Jul 27, 2016   5 out of 5

This sword is awesome

5 stars Reviewed by richard loaiza on Jul 15, 2016   5 out of 5

Simply outstanding.

First sword from budk Reviewed by Matthew Clements on Oct 29, 2015   5 out of 5

I love it. It's not the sharpest blade, but that is the samurai's job to do that aka the owner. The gaurd is a little loose and it's hard to unsheath sometimes. I consider those unable too be unworthy to draw the blade. I would recommend it. The only things I'm gonna fix are the sharpness which is fine, replace the stock wrappings with rawhide leather, and just tighten it up a bit. I recommend this lil babe.

Fantastic! Reviewed by Jace on Mar 25, 2015   5 out of 5

I just received my sword today andi just want to say, holy crap! This sword is a thing of beauty. The leather could be of better quality but oh well, for the price, it's a steal. This is my 3rd kitana from budk and it definatly completes my collection. I just might have to buy the wakizashi and tanto to match. I am VERY pleased with the work of the sword smith that created my sword. Thank you budk, you've done it again!

Bang For Buck Reviewed by Frank on Nov 06, 2014   4 out of 5

Arrived very quickly. Quality of Katana is VERY good. Actually, the Katana quality is quite impressive for such an affordable price. Blade is well crafted and has no waviness at all. Damascus finish is outstanding on the one I received. Sharpness is OK but could be bettered easily with oiled leather strap (like the old days with straight razors). Balance is good. Blade curvature is good and correct. Weight is very nice, it is not heavy compared to other real Japanese Katanas we have that range from 75 to 100 years old. Blade is beautiful. Handle is nice. Sheath is the only thing that could've been better, as others have mentioned, the leather wrapping is loose, but easily tightened. Overall, it could be difficult to find something better at the price, or even twice the price.

Practicality Reviewed by Nathan on Feb 27, 2014   5 out of 5

Over All I love the sword. I personally enjoy the look, even though it is fairly plain. Maybe that is what I like so much about it. It isnt some flashy sword, but it has its own natural beauty. The blade is solid and well built. It is not as sharp as it could be, so I will be sharpening it by hand. I have some training in Iai-do, as well as a Black Belt in Kempo, so I have a bit of a fascination in actually using it the way it was meant to be used. The leather wrapping on the sheath is a bit far down the sheath making it difficult to move the sheath around in a hakama or a belt, which is quite important when drawing the blade. The swords balance is further up the blade than some may like, but I enjoy it. The only problem I have with it is that the wrap on the handled has come loose after hours of practice, and I have trouble keeping it from unraveling for long. Over all I love this sword, and highly recommend it whether to practice with or just something to stare at. Remember when practicing drawing or returning any sword, slow and steady wins the race.

Awesome! Reviewed by Alfred Bailey on Dec 04, 2013   5 out of 5

First, the picture is terrible. This is a brown, exquisite looking sword, very elegant. The picture does not do it one ounce of justice. Second, the sword arrived well oiled, wrapped, and SHARP. Great quality, no cracks, defects, or glue spots. Genuine leather. Very simply designed, restrained and pretty darn awesome.

United Black Rurousha Leather Forged Katana Sword Damascus Reviewed by Ski on Feb 10, 2012   4 out of 5

Overall, this sword was the nicest quality I could find for the best savings as well. Not flashy & a bit drab, this is not a beautiful sword. It is however, fully functional and seemed to be well made. I was disappointed by the "Damascus Finish" though and, I sent it back. The finish was barely noticeable,it just made the blade look grey, and was not worth an extra $75. This was why I sent it back. That was a couple months ago and I have yet to find a similar sword with the strict specs I desire for anywhere near this price.I may re order it because the quality control issue was with United Cutlery not BudK (who, by the way was awesome throughout my whole purchase/returning experience.) BudK...You've earned a 5 star rating for overall customer service and products/prices from this guy!

Very good looking sword Reviewed by Jody on Dec 22, 2011   4 out of 5

OK this sword looks great, kinda gives off an ancient traditional katana look. The sword feels well built and is fairly sharp. I only have one question I haven't taken this sword apart due to how the leather is wrapped I don't want to run into problems re wrapping it, anyhow the questions are is this sword full tang and is it double pegged? If it is full tang and double pegged which I hope it is then I'd rate this sword *****. The only reason I gave a **** rating is because not sure bout the tang and if double pegged. Anyhow I think budk which is a great company should put down all the important information on there battle ready swords! The tang, if pegged, kind of steel, how many times the blade folded if at all, about handle materials, sharpness, what kind of cutting the sword is meant for, etc. Very important info!

1 - 10 of 18 Reviews (View All)