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Top Customer Reviews

  • Rhomain

    Well worth the price. The quality is better than I thought and the size is bigger than I thought. Decent blade for simple EDC set up.

    Review of: Tactical Warrior Tanto Neck Knife with Lanyard And Sheath

  • Lisa

    Used these for the kids when we went camping and they had a blast, lasts 12 hrs and are super bright and the whole thing lights up but it would be nice if they had a hook or hole in the end to put a string in or on.

    Review of: Jumbo Green Light Stick

  • Brennan

    I purchased one of these and it works well. Difficult to fill without spilling but works good. Seems as though it will last quite a while off a fill of lighter fluid. Good item for survival bag or camping.

    Review of: Waterproof Permanent Match Survival Lighter Keychain

  • Timothy

    This is the 4th one I have ordered over the years. I carry one in each of my packs. Nice light weight and takes up little room.

    Review of: Emergency Survival Sleeping Blanket

  • Darrell

    Yup, I look like a dork in this thing..... But YOU'RE getting mosquito Bit, and I'M Not !!! Like most all of ChKadels pricing, it seemed awfully inexpensive, but I ordered one anyway. Turned out to be a great investment. Good Quality, Keeps the bugs out, and you can go on with life. AND I saved a lot of money by buying them here. 5- Stars

    Review of: Anti-Zika Mosquito Head-Net and Face Mask