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Top Customer Reviews

  • Sam L. (wisconsin) - Don't think Just buy

    this is a great buy it was not too expensive, and it works and looks great. if you are considering buying this knife JUST GET.

    Review of: Schrade Viper OTF Assisted Opening Pocket Knife Dagger

  • Alan (Texas) - easy ops

    I've had it about a month, don't know how I ever got along without it. My older hands and stiffness make opening pocket knives a chore, but this Schrade OTF zips out at the touch of the button. Using only one hand, I can unlock, deploy and close easier than any pocket knife I have ever owned. Stays sharp, strong construction, a great pocket clip, black finish is subdued for discreet carry. May get one for an old friend suffering the golden years like me.

    Review of: Schrade OTF Assisted-Open Viper Bead Blasted

  • William (El Cajon) - Great knife

    This was a great buy. This was my first OTF knife and I love it, it came sharp and it is very easy to use in my opinion.

    Review of: Schrade OTF Assisted Opening Pocket Knife Spear Point

  • Tomg (Minnesota) - Great Knife

    Great Knife great action good edge.

    Review of: Schrade OTF Assisted Opening Viper Pocket Knife Satin Serrated

  • Dave Lander (Copperopolis CA) - great knife

    The knife is excellent, (with one exception) I have poor flex range in my thumbs. But I still think it's an excellent knife. I gave it to my son and he has no problem with it. For myself I ordered another OTF by Schrade, which is easier for me to use, also an excellent knife. I have and will recommend both to others.

    Review of: Schrade Extreme Black Out the Front Assisted Folding Knife