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Honshu Spartan Sword


A Variety of High-Quality, Heroic Spartan Swords At Unbelievable Prices.

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Epic tales of heroic Spartan warriors and their feats in battle have endured for thousands of years and their swords are legendary, as well. Here, at, we have quite a few Spartan swords that embody the power of this mighty tribe of warriors. These swords range from traditional replicas to modern innovations, in a variety of blade steels.


  • What is a Spartan sword?
    Known for their prowess in battle, Spartan warriors carried swords with a specific design, ideal for warfare of the time. The blade is shorter than a Medieval sword and it has a long trailing point. The handguard is very pronounced and curves back toward the wrist.
  • Are all of these Spartan swords historical reproductions?
    No, our Spartan swords that we carry from Honshu are innovative, modern reimaginings of the legendary sword, featuring premium steel blades and grippy, TPR injection handles.
  • Why do I see holes in some blades? Do they have a purpose?
    When you see thru-holes or cut-outs in a blade, there is a purpose for them other than decoration. They assist in reducing the overall weight of a sword, knife or bladed tool.