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Our largest selection of batons at the lowest prices.

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Whether you’re in law enforcement or need something to accompany you when you got out walking at night, has your back! We have a selection of Batons that will effectively repel a would-be assailant.


  • Why do I need a baton?
    A baton is definitely a must-have for self-defense because its slimline design is so easy to conceal and there’s nothing like a striking weapon for self-defense.
  • What is a baton used for?
    Law enforcement officers, worldwide, carry batons for defense and people, who want a measure of defense when they’re out walking at night, carry batons. Keep one by your bed or in your vehicle.
  • What kinds of batons do you have?
    We carry batons that are suitable for both law enforcement and civilians. We have collapsible batons, Billy clubs and tactical maces.