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BugOut Arc Lighter And Flashlight


Light up any situation with our selection of Lighters.

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Fire is one of the number one components for survival in an emergency situation because it provides warmth, deters wild animals and insects, serves as a signal, cooks food and purifies water. Having a reliable Lighter that will give you a flame in all weather conditions is important because you never know when you will need to build a survival fire. has a selection of quality lighters that you can depend on! Choose from plasma beam lighters, solar-powered lighters and water-resistant lighters from reliable brands like BugOut and Trailblazer. Having a reliable lighter to get that campfire or barbecue going will also save you lots of trouble and aggravation. Each of our Lighters is backed by our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. is your number one online source for ALL things survival!


  • What brand of lighters do you have?
    We only carry the best brands of lighters on the market including TekFire, BugOut and, of course, the iconic Zippo brand.
  • How do those flame-free lighters work?
    The flame-free and fuel-free lighters that we have are powered by rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries, which produce an electrical arc over and over again.
  • What kind of Zippo lighter designs do you have?
    Our collection of Zippos are comprised of simple brass cases and brushed chrome cases and have a variety of designs including one-of-a-kind artwork by Kit Rae.
  • I need a lighter that’s going to work even when the weather is bad. What have you got?
    All of our lighters have windproof designs, and we have some that are perfect for camping and other outdoor adventures because they’re also water-resistant.