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The Middle Ages were dark and brutal — it makes sense that the era’s weaponry would be among the most famous and powerful for sale. From two-handed swords and broadswords to Crusader and Celtic-style swords, has an extensive collection of replicas that will please collectors and reenactors alike.


  • Why don’t the swords in this category all have the same look?
    The Middle Ages was a period of time that spanned ten centuries and across all of the Europe, which was comprised of many different cultures. The swords of this period are as varied as its people.
  • What are the kinds of Medieval swords that you have to offer me?
    Our inventory of Medieval swords include broadswords, Viking swords, Claymores and Teutonic knight swords.
  • Are these swords functional or display only?
    We have a wide selection of both razor-sharp functional and false-edged display Medieval swords.