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Delta Defender Assisted Opening Black Karambit Knife


Uniquely curved blades at the lowest prices.

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The Karambit, a traditional knife with its roots in Southeast Asia, has stood the test of time. With its uniquely curved blade and open-ring pommel, the karambit is the perfect blade for self-defense and cutting through tough materials like rope and canvas. has the largest inventory and widest variety of karambit knives in both the fixed blade and folding pocket knife styles, and with blades of Damascus and high carbon steel. From damascus karambits to steel karambit sets and shoulder harness sheaths, we’ve got you covered. carries items from popular brands like Hibben Knives, Timber Wolf and United Cutlery – and all at competitive prices. Unique, new Karambits are added on a regular basis and each is backed by our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee!


  • What is a karambit knife?
    The karambit comes from Southeast Asia, where legend holds that it was inspired by the claws of big cats. The curved bladed knife was initially used as a farming tool by the peasant class but, eventually, was used as a weapon.
  • How did the karambit get here?
    Eventually, the karambit found its way into martial arts, especially, Filipino martial arts. The Filipino karambit is shorter than its forefathers and has become popular in the West because of its value as a self-defense weapon.
  • Why is the karambit knife shaped the way it is?
    The blade’s curved design was meant to work as a tool for a variety of jobs. The safety ring allowed the user to work at uncomfortable angles with ease and still retain a secure grip on the knife. In combat, the safety ring allowed the soldier to keep a tight hold on it instead of being disarmed by an opponent.
  • How do you use a karambit?
    As a weapon, this curved knife is meant to be held with the blade pointing down from the bottom of your fist, not held upward in your hand. Your finger is inserted into the safety ring or finger guard at the top of the handle. This knife is used with a slashing or hooking movement.
  • How do you sharpen a karambit?
    You want a triangular shaped sharpening system that includes a medium sharpening surface and a fine sharpening surface. This makes it much easier to sharpen the curved blade. Start with the medium grit and stroke the blade along the surface in one, smooth motion, keeping the blade pointed away from you. Make sure that you use the same number of strokes on one side as you do on the other. Then, switch to the fine grit surface and repeat the process until you get the sharpness that you want. When you’re done, wipe the blade with a soft, dry cloth to remove the debris from the sharpening process.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Douglas

    Fantastic blade, Great job Gil Hibben! Very well designed and fantastic fit & finish. Very sharp right out of the box, I did need to touch up to my liking.

    Review of: Gil Hibben High Polish Karambit With Sheath

  • Zane

    It's a very sharp knife nice case the only thing I had a problem with is one side of the handle was a little loos and one screw was stripped a little

    Review of: Death Before Dishonor Micarta Karambit

  • Jose

    This is my Favorite knife, and I don't like picking favorites! Even closed, you have a SWEET (one) knuckle duster, and a formidable skull crusher! Wish that I would have bought more, with the free shipping offer. Carry is sweet too. I carry mine in my waistband, to the right of my ab (I am left handed), makes for a great draw, if ever needed.

    Review of: Black Legion Camouflage Folding Karambit

  • Brian

    This triple blade set has a cool shiny paint job to them. The Karambit is my favorite, the Huntsman looks awesome, but the sheath is weak and a little smal for the rough edges. The military knife however is really cool, nice grip, and great for concealed knife carry. Thanks BudK!

    Review of: Black Legion Atomic Blue Triple Set