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The Ultimate Machete Selection

Machete knives are one of the most popular and widely used knife styles on earth. These large, cleaver-like knives are used by many in the agricultural or forestry industry to harvest crops and clear brush. They are also issued to some military personnel because of their heftiness, which enables them to not only be used as a utility tool, but also a self-defense weapon. BUDK.com offers a wide selection of machetes in a variety of styles including kukri, sawback, cane hook, tanto, jungle and combat.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Joe P. (Cokeburg, PA) - United Edge Colombian Sawback Machete

    After serving 20 out of 24 years in the Armed Forces as a Jungle Warfare/Survival Expert, I can definitively say; this is one of the best machetes I have ever owned. After grinding the proper bevel on the edge, this thing holds it's edge for a very long time, being fairly easy to resharpen. The saw-back works great after you file the black coating away. I highly recommend this machete to anyone looking for a heavy duty blade intended for a lot of hard work.

    Review of: United Edge® Colombian Sawback Survival Machete

  • fabiocrow07770 (Scranton, PA) - Big mans Knife

    I Bought one of these Rambo Machetes about a year ago and I gotta say It really impressed me. I Had LOW expectations for this knife because It was a "movie knife"....But as soon As I opened the box and held it in my hand, I Knew this was no flimsy movie knife! I Made a few videos on youtube slicing though milk jugs and hacking through 2x6's. Some sharpening is required but if you have a bench grinder and a sharpening stone it won't even be an issue (or you can take it to most any hardware store for $10 and they'll sharpen it for you). I bought 8 of these things, great gift for any outdoors guys.

    Review of: Gil Hibben IV Machete Knife

  • Charles Berry Texas - Outstanding

    Outstanding ! This Kukuri is just the right sizes. The 1050 seems to be a good and well heat treated metal. I comes sharp enough to use right out of the box, but being a purest , I had to make it scary. I can serve as a gardening tool. a kitchen tool and a weapon if necessary. Keep it well oiled and sharp and you'll never need another Each has their own Serial number. May I mention that it's so nice to see a company tell you what metal the blade is made of. I see so many ads that say," Stainless steel". I immediately think of 440A which is basically good only for salt water scuba divers and very had to keep sharp. Tell me what I'm buying !.

    Review of: Gerber Gator Kukri

  • Carol Steinbach (Chili, WI) - If there are machetes in heaven....

    I don't know what words to use to describe the awesomeness of this incredible machete! All I can say is the photos cannot prepare you for the moment you open the box! IT'S GIGANTIC! IT'S VERY WELL MADE! IT'S HEAVY! IT'S LEATHER SHEATH IS BEAUTIFUL! When people say it brings a smile to your face to hold it....they REALLY MEAN IT! EVERY person I show it to has the same response: their mouth drops open, their eyes bug out, they say "WOW!" then they smile ear to ear! I don't usually write reviews but this blade deserves a standing ovation lol...WELL DONE GIL HIBBEN!

    Review of: Gil Hibben IV Combat Machete Knife

  • NC Ronin (North Carolina) - Better than I imagined!

    Although i had imagined this thing or maybe suspected it would just end up being a pointy chunk of metal after receiving mine today i'm very excited. The rugged finish looks great and the hardwood handle also has a very comfortable grip.The tang is significantly thicker than the blade and feels very solid and dependable. Overall i was looking for something manueverable yet packing a punch and i think this will do nicely blazing trails, campsite cleaning etc. only thing i would change is the grind but this thing comes very sharp out of the box so not complaining much.

    Review of: CRKT Liong Mah Mah-Chete