Acting as both a knife and an axe, the Machete is one of the most versatile blades that you can have in your possession! Whether you are braving your backyard or the wild, carries the model to suit any situation or occasion — from training and survival machetes to self-defense and utility machetes. is the only place where you’ll find a selection of Machetes that is this massive with a variety of styles that is this diverse. Choose from some of our best-sellers by browsing below to find the machete that fits your needs with a value that is unrivaled and a quality that is unmatched. New inventory is added on an almost daily basis, so you’re sure to find one that you can’t live without!

Top Customer Reviews

  • Joe

    Great weapon! I bought five of these beauties. Blade is long, strong, durable, dependable and sharp! Handle is comfortable in hand. One of my favorite aspects is the serrations which run along the top of the blade. As if the blade's sharpness and strength were not enough for phenomenal stabbing/piercing/slashing, the serrations will surely finish off any adversary with over 15 inches of deadly ripping power. Again, it's a great weapon and now it's only $10! YOU WON'T LOSE!

    Review of: War Hunter Sawback Machete with Nylon Sheath

  • Lenny

    Just arrived and I love it. Had it engraved which looks fantastic. The handle gives superb grip with the balance of the blade. It's rather sharp out of the box but it could stand to use more for razor sharpness. I got mine on a $10 deal but it's still worth every penny at regular price. If this is your type of knife you must buy one.

    Review of: Colombian Survival Bush Machete with Heavy Duty Nylon Sheath

  • Randall

    I waited 3 months for this sword to come back into stock and it was well worth the wait sharp well put together

    Review of: Combat Commander Thrax Gladius / Gladiator Sword

  • Roddy

    I once reviewed this knife about four years ago (the review is still there). I still have the same one I bought. Since I bought it, I've put it through some tough work, which was what I wanted it for. Guys, I can still shave the hair on my arms with it, yet it hacks into just about anything I do with it. When I need something to pair with the chainsaw for clearing and downing trees, I have this knife there. It's been four years and I still turn to this knife when I need something of this heft. It is simply fantastic.

    Review of: Gil Hibben IV Combat Machete Knife

  • Paul

    Even though this is nominally a machete, it is in fact a far better sword than anything else in it's class. It is better made and more comfortable to use than the other well known gladius made by that other famous discount sword/knife company. It is a better sword than any of the other 'real' swords I own that are 8 times the price of this one. The 1065 steel holds a better edge, and the blade is resilient, but not whippy. Everything is straight and solid. If you are on the fence about this, know that for the money, you will be getting a sword/machete far exceeding the small investment you are making.

    Review of: United Cutlery Combat Commander Full-Tang Gladiator Sword