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The Ultimate Full Tang Knives Selection

BUDK.com has a mind-bending assortment of full tang knives to choose from with a variety of blade materials and designs and handle materials and designs that you will not find anywhere else! Choose from Damascus steel blades, high carbon steel blades, non-reflective blades, wooden handles, bone handles and tough TPU handles. We guarantee that we have a full-tang knife for everyone and they’re all conveniently in one place!

Top Customer Reviews

  • Larry Jobe (Amarillo, Tx) - Awesome

    I purchased this knife for my wife. She loves a good blade. She was very impressed with the way this one fit her hand and felt like it belonged there. I was rewarded accordingly. I recommended it to my three sons.

    Review of: Hibben Legacy Knife with Sheath

  • John (Chandler, Arizona) - So stoked!

    Just received my "Timber Rattler" and I couldn't be more pleased. Sharp, clean, and extremely well made. This beats any deal you'd see on the TV from those knife shows. Just be careful unwrapping it, cause its sharp like a razor. Just have to think up a name for her. I'm anxiously awaiting for my next order to come. The "Fantasy Mystic Nights Sword". I already have a name for her so you zombies better tread lightly or I'll introduce you to "THE DE-NOGGINATOR"!

    Review of: Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife

  • DIAMONDBACK (Lake Orion, MI) - Excellent Subhilt Fighter

    The Design, Fit, Finish & Overall Quality of this Knife are Excellent, especially considering the very reasonable price offered by BUDK. The sheath is another story, it does appear to be made of "compressed leather pieces", is too tight, and the retaining strap is too short to secure. This knife would easily rate a "5" with a better sheath. In spite of the sheath, I have ordered a duplicate of this knife at the request of a close friend. We are both very pleased with the knife and would strongly recommend it!

    Review of: Gil Hibben Assault Tactical Knife With Sheath

  • chibbs (Encinitas, CA) - great

    crazy great knife well should i say crazy big knife this thing is awsome ive got alot of knifes from budk and this by far is the strongest and most reliable ..i have put it threw its paces time and time again and its held up over and over ...over all a great knife ..a MUST BUY

    Review of: Big Foot Bowie Knife

  • wildbilly530@sbcglobal.net (norridge, IL) - fell in love with it

    Fell in love with the knife when i seen this was the one from the movie " The Hunted" with Benicio Del Torro and Tommy lee Jones. Not shaving sharp like i like it but a smooth stone took care of that, the nylon sheath was very odd on my right side, to draw the knife i would have to grab it south paw and that grip just doesn't fit the knife so i tore up the sheath and re-sewed it and stuck an ABS shell sheath in it so i can draw the knife with ease with out if getting snagged with the saw serration. Good sturdy knife with a full tang.

    Review of: Paratrax Bowie Knife with Removeable Blade