M48 Bugout Mystery Bag XXL


High-quality tactical bags and packs to hold all your needs.

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BUDK.com has an inventory of high-quality, tough Bags and Bagpacks to fit any and every travel and gear transportation need. The options that you will find in our Backpacks and Other Bags are extensive, giving you a completely organized packing strategy wherever you go. We have tough, tactical backpacks in both modern and vintage styles and a selection of gear bags in a variety of shapes and sizes with multiple pockets. We also have water-resistant drybags to keep your gear and valuables from getting damp. All of the bags that you will find on BUDK.com are constructed using the highest quality materials and metal hardware and with reinforced straps. From the mission to the airport, we guarantee that you will find the Bag or Backpack to suit you!


  • What styles of bags and backpacks do you have?
    We have tactical backpacks in modern and vintage styles and gear bags in different shapes and sizes.
  • Do you have bags that can be used for carry-on when I fly?
    We have several bags that meet airline requirements for carry-on and also bags that are tough enough to stand-up to being checked luggage.
  • Do you have a backpack that I can use for everyday?
    Yes, we have several non-tactical looking backpacks that are suitable for using to carry your daily essentials whether to work or to school.