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Fire and Ice Twin Sword Set


Our top-notch Twin Swords are a steal you can’t pass up!

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Why settle for one sword, when you can have two?’s collection of twin swords are double the value, and you can choose from gladiator swords, fantasy swords or ninja sword sets. Each comes with a premium sheath, keeping each blade close-at-hand at a moment’s notice.


  • What kind of twin swords are in this category?
    In this category you’ll find fantasy, tactical, Ninja and hidden blade twin sets.
  • What’s a hidden blade twin sword?
    A really cool weapon, the hidden blade twin sword is built where the outer shaft can be unscrewed and pulled apart to reveal two blades, giving you a sword for each hand. When the shaft is closed, it can be used as a fighting stick.
  • How do you carry a twin sword set?
    Our twin sword sets come with a shoulder or belt scabbard for each sword.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Rob

    I bought these Gladiator swords over a year ago and are still excellent practice swords. I sharpened the blades with a course file to get an edge, then finished with a sharpening stone. They are razor sharp now!! I don't know why everyone thinks the handle, pommel and guard are plastic? They are all metal!! NOT PLASTIC!!! If u take a nail or something sharp and try to scratch the parts that u think are plastic you will find very quickly that they are not!! After tightening the grip and blade and adding tennis racquet grip tape to the handle, they are now ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE READY!!

    Review of: Gladiator Warrior Twin Sword Set and Sheath
  • Kaylob

    The swords are great. Light, durable, and look very nice. The sheath, however, is less than satisfactory. While I love the design, the straps to hold the blades in place are weak. The threads were not sewn properly and one has already unraveled beyond the snap. So no more strap on that side. Unfortunately, it was not on the side of the belt strap, so I can not use it. Overall a decent purchase. Shouldn't expect much more for the money I paid, but simple mistakes as improperly sewing a nylon strap are 100% avoidable

    Review of: Twin Ninja Sword Set
  • anonymous

    Great swords for the price! Came pretty sharp, but the wrapping on the handle came off eassily, but that is fixable with electrical tape. The sheath is better than others i got from budk, but still sorta fragile. All in all, a great sword!

    Review of: Destroyer 2 Peice Ninja Sword Set
  • Matt KIotzbach

    These are a great pair of swords! Since I am a small guy, the weight and feel to these swords is excellent, and they are sharp! The "taped" hilts are a small downside, and I would prefer a quick-release sheath to the nylon one, but other than that the swords are a good buy.

    Review of: Viper Twin Sword Set