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  • How long has Gil Hibben Knives been around?
    As the creator of some of the most widely recognized knives in the industry today, Gil Hibben’s knowledge and over 60 years of experience are unprecedented in the world of custom knife making. Hibben Knives has gained a legendary status in the industry that is unparalleled, and knives are some of the most sought after in the world.
  • What kind of products do they have?
    This top-selling brand consists of throwing knives, hunting knives, personal protection knives, and the most collectible line of production fantasy available today. Each of these exceptional knives is made for hard, everyday use because no one knows knives better than Gil Hibben.
  • What kind of products from Gil Hibben Knives do you have?
    We’re proud to carry a full line of Gil Hibben Knives. We have some of his most iconic movie collectible knives, pro throwing knives, sword canes and survival knives.