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The Ultimate Full Tang Swords Selection

BUDK.com has a full inventory of Full Tang Swords in a variety of styles including traditional Japanese katanas, fantasy swords and modern tactical swords. With each of these swords, you get the assurance of solid steel strength from tip to tang!

Top Customer Reviews

  • Scott (Ohio) - All but the sheath

    Blade is made of a good quality. Sharp in all but a portion of the blade, but that can be fixed. Beautiful design, made of one piece of metal. Difficult to use the sheath, due to the design of the blade. Have to be careful not to cut through it when putting it in. All in all, a good blade for a good price

    Review of: Lunar Legacy Combat Sword With Leather Sheath

  • Elijah (Minnesota) - Amazing sword

    Was wicked sharp right out of the box and is light and well balanced. The only problem is with the case, mine is falling apart at the top. Otherwise it is a great sword.

    Review of: Timber Wolf Full Tang Ninja Sword

  • Brandon (Watertown, WI) - AMAZING!!!

    This thing is absolutly awesome im amazed at how light it is for the size. it didnt come very sharp but i fixed that pretty quick. when its sharp the power u get from the long handle is great u can chop or slice threw pretty much anything. ive already sliced threw some saplings,alot of fruit,and some water bottles of various kinds and the edge hasnt even worn on the blade. All together an AMAZING blade.

    Review of: Full Tang Japanese Naginata Ninja Sword

  • Stephano Lutori (Casper, Wyoming) - Awesome

    These are great! I like to call them the Double Rainbow Blades, and I just used them for my new show on YouTube! I killed a melon with them. They might not be very sharp, but if they can destroy a frozen melon, their deadly.

    Review of: Double Full Tang Rainbow Sword Set

  • steve c (nd)- wonderful

    Great sword. Pleased with looks and feel, and sharp. Not like others that said razor sharp,but when received. they were as dull as a butter knife. This one is Great.

    Review of: Honshu Tactical Wakizashi