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  • J Small (Fitzgerald, GA) - Great

    I have one of these throwing axes, first off let me say this robert shifflet is one of the most brilliant designers of knives i have seen in a long time. His triple lightning set is also great for the novice to begin with for the throwing trade. The axe is well balanced and easy to throw. You have to work with the aim a bit, because it is a lot different then throwing knives. If you do not get it right away stick with it, thowing is a great hobby and it is a great stress releiver. Seriously though if you want a great axe for throwing with out breaking the bank. BUY THIS AXE. P.S. make sure you practice safely when using these throwing knives. They do bounce back from time to time.

    Review of: Singapore Sling Throwing Axe Silver With Sheath
  • Doug B(Oxford, MI) - The Smasher

    I love the M-48 line! I own 6 tomahawks, 2 Spears (BOGO-Best Deal ever!) and now the War Hammer. This thing is wicked! No hammering nails here. The Pink color adds to the conversation. The only reason to have this thing is to Smash things! Definitely something for the man who has everything!

    Review of: M48 Steel Mistress Tactical Hammer With Sheath
  • Anonymous Ninja (Lolipopville, IL) -Sick tomahawk!

    This came really fast and is a really great tomahawk, razor sharp, and not small either, this is the real deal, thanks BUDK!

    Review of: Black Ronin Tactical Throwing Tomahawk Axe with Sheath
  • mattk21 (Northville, MI) -m48 tactical tomahawk

    In my 10 years of throwing tomahawks, I've never thrown anything this great. It is very well designed and its durability is out of this world! I would recommend the M48 tactical hawk to anyone who enjoys the art of throwing, beginner or professional. Thank you BudK!!

    Review of: United Cutlery M48 Hawk Axe Tactical Tomahawk
  • Elexus (Illinois)- Daily Use

    I received this as a Christmas gift from my sweetheart, since he sees me periodically take my old broken hatchet to wood when I'm stressed or angry. It's practical and a good weight since I'm not very strong and I'm a very small woman in stature alone. It's exactly what I expected and a little more since I didn't think this blade as is would cut anything, but one swing unsharpened and I split a good sized log and shot splinters across the room. As for the 'glue' It's not actually a practical piece and can be removed if the user desires. Simply the little decorative band around the bottom and has nothing to do with the structural integrity of this item. Over all, it's comfortable, well shaped, a good weight, and I expect to use it on a daily basis to split wood this winter. For all of those people out there who are upset about it being dull bear in mind that I am a clumsy fool and would most likely chop off my own toes if it came fully sharpened so if you're gifting it to another fool it's perfect.

    Review of: Black Legion Camping Hatchet